Market One Minute Edits | Blue Sky Uranium Corp.
By: Market One | Thursday, November 30 2017
Hannah Bernard sits down with Nikolaos Cacos, M.I.M., President and CEO of Blue Sky Uranium Corp. Full Story

An Insider's View: The Biggest News Since Fukushima
By: Outsider Club | Monday, November 27 2017
We finally have more reactors under construction today than pre-Fukushima. So the sector's really come around and turned a positive corner in terms of long-term growth, which is consistent with our growth profile. I think the key is to pay attention to this developing perfect storm, Gerardo. The fact is, this McArthur news comes at a time where other developments and news in the sector has all been turning positive. I think we're going into 2018 with probably the best dynamics for the uranium sector we have seen since before Fukushima. Full Story

Interview Paul Atherley, Managing Direktor of Berkeley Energia (911733, ASX: BKY, London: BKY)
By: Hannes Huster | Friday, November 10 2017
We think this could be a really big turning point in the uranium market. Cameco’s suspension of production, the latest in a long line of production cuts at high cost operations, brings the total volume of uranium removed from the market in 2018 to 17 million pounds, about 12% of primary mine supply. This in turn will mean the oversupply of uranium is being brought sharply back into balance. Full Story

Trading on TSX Venture Exchange Imminent for New Uranium Miner Helmed by Experienced Team
By: Streetwise Reports | Friday, July 7 2017
URZ Energy Corp. (URZ:TSX.V) completed its IPO on July 5 and will debut trading on the TSX Venture exchange on July 7 under the ticker symbol URZ. Focused on uranium properties in Wyoming and the Western U.S., the company was created by Todd Hilditch. Hilditch, who has previously had strong ties to the lithium/energy sector through Salares Lithium before being acquired by Talison Lithium (which grew to another $840 million takeover), is being joined by four very experienced uranium/energy executives formerly of Uranerz Energy Corp. Full Story

DOE Uranium Reduction Should Help Boost Market
By: The Energy Report | Tuesday, May 2 2017
Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry issued a determination that reduces the amount of uranium the department can transfer in 2017 and 2018; the reduction should give a boost to uranium producers. Full Story

UEC's Amir Adnani with the Mercenary Geologist, Mickey Fulp at the PDAC in Toronto
By: Uranium Energy Corp | Friday, March 24 2017
At the recent PDAC in Toronto, Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp spoke with Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp (UEC.MKT), on the outlook for uranium and why UEC is well-positioned for and highly leveraged to the inevitable upturn in uranium prices. Full Story

Energy Fuels Provides 'Strong Leverage to Potentially Increasing Uranium Prices'
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, February 23 2017
Uranium's 30% rise from the low of $17.75/lb on Nov. 30, 2016, is fueled by a number of supply and demand factors that has industry watchers optimistic that the tide has turned. On the supply side, Kazakhstan's state-owned Kazatomprom announced in January that it would cut production by 10%; the company supplies 40% of the world's uranium. Full Story

Can Uranium be Great Again?
By: Visual Capitalist | Friday, January 27 2017
Uranium’s spot price had a rough ride throughout the course of 2016, but for many investors there is suddenly a new aura of optimism around the troubled metal. It all starts with Donald Trump’s “America First” strategy, which is being perceived by many as a potential boon to the uranium sector. Official details are slim, but industry executives are currently speculating that the Trump administration will be better for nuclear power than the previous government. Full Story

The Beginning Of A Uranium Bull Market
By: Jeff Berwick and Collin Kettell | Friday, January 27 2017
Partner and CEO of Palisade Global and Palisade Radio, Collin Kettell, seems to have caught the exact bottom of the uranium market. He shared with us the basic dynamics of this increasingly bullish market. Much like the gold market which is comprised of a few major mining producers and several smaller exploration companies below those large ones, the uranium market is similarly structured. However, there are even fewer of the major producers at the top level than in the gold market - which makes it easier to monitor. Full Story

Oil Poised to Reach $80
By: Joe McAlinden | Thursday, January 26 2017
Joe McAlinden, founder of McAlinden Research Partners and former chief global strategist with Morgan Stanley Investment Management, outlines the trends for energy and discusses which sectors should see the most growth under the Trump administration. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Gain Big as Kazakhstan Cuts Production
By: The Energy Report | Friday, January 20 2017
Uranium markets have been in decline for more than ten years, with prices plummeting from highs approaching $140 per pound in 2007 to lows in 2016 below $20 per pound. The market took a further hit after Japan shut down its nuclear reactors following the Fukushima disaster in 2011, with spot prices losing more than half their value. Full Story

Copper Discovery Improves Economics of High-Grade Canyon Uranium Mine
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, November 10 2016
Uranium companies are struggling with the weakness in the uranium market; priced below $20/lb, U3O8 is at levels not seen in well over a decade. But Energy Fuels recently announced two diversification plays that could help insulate it from low uranium prices, and analysts are applauding the news. Full Story

Fundamentals for Uranium look great; is the Uranium Market ready to soar?
By: Sol Palha | Monday, August 29 2016
Overall while there are many factors in the fundamental arena calling for a bottom, the technical and psychological patterns offer opposing viewpoints; both suggest that uranium is likely to test the $22 ranges before a long-term base in is in place. As the sector has taken a massive beating since it peaked in 2007, it would be a good idea to keep this sector on your radar and possibly start looking at some stocks in the industry. Full Story

When Will Uranium Emerge from the Shadow of Fukushima?
By: The Energy Report | Monday, May 9 2016
Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital Partners explains the factors that have kept uranium spot prices down, how much longer they will be in effect, and why uranium should be on investors' radar screens today. He also discusses four uranium companies that are in position to benefit from the looming uranium shortage. Full Story

Brazil Resources announces completion of Geophysical Survey on its Rea Uranium Project, Western Athabasca Basin
By: Brazil Resources Inc. | Tuesday, April 5 2016
Brazil Resources Inc. ("Brazil Resources", or "the Company") (TSX-V: BRI; OTCQX: BRIZF) is pleased to announce the recent completion and results of a Time Domain Electromagnetic ("TDEM") ground survey on its Rea Uranium Project ("Rea Project"). The Rea Project is owned by Brazil Resources (75%) and AREVA Resources Canada Limited (25%, "AREVA") and is located in the Western Athabasca Basin of Northeastern Alberta. Full Story

De-carbonizing Our Energy Sector
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Sunday, April 3 2016
Nuclear energy currently provides around 11 percent of the world's electricity. China, the European Union, the United States, India, Russia, South Korea, and other nations’ have major existing fleets. The World has hundreds of units under construction and proposed. And, existing reactors which have reached their original estimated operating lives are being relicensed. These factors, together with recent limited investment in new uranium exploration and development, might be good indicators of future improvements in uranium markets for potential investors looking at the sector. Full Story

The Changing World of Uranium Mining
By: Mickey Fulp | Monday, January 25 2016
In last week’s offering, Brien Lundin and I posted a comprehensive report on uranium and listed a variety of North American-focused exploration, development, and mining companies that stand to prosper as the price of uranium increases (Mercenary Musing January 18, 2016). Today, I document significant changes over the past ten years in both where and how primary supplies of uranium have been mined. Full Story

The Path to Enrichment
By: Mickey Fulp | Tuesday, January 19 2016
Because Brien and I agree that the supply-demand fundamentals of uranium are compelling in the mid- to long-term, we now present a comprehensive report on the other yellow metal. We cover its discovery in the late 18th century, building of the bomb during World War II, peaceful uses of nuclear energy developed during the late 1950s, and the nuclear arms race during the Cold War. We discuss the nuclear fuel cycle, from mining and milling, to conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication. Full Story

The Nuclear Conundrum [Chart]
By: Visual Capitalist | Friday, December 4 2015
The nuclear sector today certainly has its immediate challenges. Costs had already been a long problem in the sector, but the incident at Fukushima complicated matters even further. The industry and regulators were forced to take a second look at its safety practices and plant designs, creating uncertainty for the sector. As of today, 2006 still remains a peak for global nuclear power generation in terms of total output, and it has steadily declined since then. Full Story

URI Successfully Completes Anatolia Merger A New Chapter Begins – Headed Towards Production
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Tuesday, November 10 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: URRE; URI) announced today closure of the merger with Anatolia Energy Ltd. On November 10, 2015, the new URI shares exchanged for Anatolia shares will begin trading on Nasdaq under its existing trading symbol (as URRE) and on the ASX as CDIs under the new trading symbol “URI”. On the same day, new URI quoted options exchanged for Anatolia quoted options will begin trading on the ASX as CDIs under the new trading symbol “URIO”. Full Story

Uranium Resources to Raise $12.5 Million from Non-Core Asset Sales
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Tuesday, November 10 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:URRE; ASX: URI) announced today that it has entered into a Binding Letter of Intent (LOI) for the sale of its Churchrock and Crownpoint properties in New Mexico to Laramide Resources Limited (TSX: LAM; ASX: LAM). Full Story

Uranium Resources Reports Net Income for the Third Quarter
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Monday, November 9 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: URRE; ASX: URI) closed the strategic and transformational merger (Merger) with Anatolia Energy Limited (Anatolia) on November 9, 2015. URI has commenced a formal update to the February 2015 Temrezli Pre-Feasibility Study, which is expected to be completed in early 2016. Full Story

Marin Katusa's Transformative Vision of a Post-Fission/Denison Merger Uranium World
By: The Energy Report | Tuesday, November 3 2015
Investors have spoken, and they said they don't want a merger of Fission Uranium and Denison Mines. In this interview with The Energy Report, Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, shares his insight on why Fission investors rejected the deal and where he is finding value in the uranium and oil sector today. Full Story

Uranium Resources is Set to Enter a New Era
By: Peter Spina, President,, & | Thursday, October 29 2015
Uranium Resources (URRE) is set to enter a new era now that a deal to merge with Anatolia Energy Ltd. has been overwhelmingly approved by both shareholder bases. The merger will give Uranium Resources control over the advanced-stage, low-cost Temrezli uranium project in Turkey and put the revamped company on a fast track to production. Full Story

Uranium Resources, Inc. Past Producer of 8mm lbs. Permitted for 3mm lbs / year in U.S.
By: Peter Epstein | Friday, October 23 2015
Colorado based Uranium Resources, Inc. “URI” (Nasdaq: URRE) announced that Anatolia Energy shareholders overwhelmingly approved the merger with Anatolia Energy. The expected closing is November 9, 2015. URI shareholders will own 59.4% and Anatolia shareholders 40.6%. More recently, On October 22nd, URI and Anatolia jointly announced that the Federal Court has granted orders approving the schemes of arrangement between Anatolia and URI. The Company intends to file the orders with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on October 23rd, at which time the orders will take effect. Full Story

URI Shareholders Overwhelmingly Support Combination with Anatolia Energy
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Wednesday, September 23 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: URRE; URI) held its URI Annual Meeting of Stockholders today at which the URI shareholders overwhelmingly voted to approve the issuance of shares to effect the combination with Anatolia Energy Ltd. Of the votes cast regarding the share issuance, 98.6% voted in support of the share issuance. A total of 21.6 million shares or 72% of shares eligible to vote were cast at the Annual Meeting. Full Story

Why I Remain a Uranium Bull
By: Mickey Fulp | Monday, September 21 2015
My bullish views on uranium in the mid- to long-term are well-documented. That said, it has been 21 months since I formally wrote about my optimism regarding the uranium industry (Mercenary Musing, December 16, 2013). Today I elucidate my current thoughts on the sector. Full Story

Thomas Drolet Warns of a Coming Grand Canyon of Uranium Supply Deficit and Shares Three Ways to Profit by It
By: The Energy Report | Wednesday, September 16 2015
A Grand Canyon of supply deficit is opening up in the uranium markets, with 66 nuclear reactors under construction globally and more restarting in Japan. As Russia and China shore up their supply chains in Kazakhstan and elsewhere, the rest of the world could be scrambling for new sources to keep the lights on. In this interview with The Energy Report, Thomas Drolet, head of Drolet & Associates Energy Services, illuminates junior companies in the Athabasca Basin, southern Alberta and South America that could be strategic sources for countries shoring up domestic supply and for majors that need replacement resources. Full Story

Uranium Has a New Hot Spot: Haywood's Mick Carew
By: The Energy Report | Tuesday, August 18 2015
Several developments in the uranium space, including the restart of a reactor in Japan that has been offline since the Fukushima disaster, have primed the commodity for a price surge. In this interview with The Energy Report, Mick Carew, research analyst with Haywood Securities, explains how, in addition to the Japanese restart and expansion in the Athabasca Basin is bolstering prospects for consolidation in the sector. Full Story

Steve Todoruk: Japan Is Setting the Stage for a Uranium Rally
By: Henry Bonner | Friday, August 14 2015
Investors bid up uranium stocks briefly on Tuesday, August 11, after Japan re-started a nuclear reactor. Back in April, we saw a short-lived rally in uranium stocks. But the recent news from Japan could put uranium stock on a more durable trend higher, says Steve Todoruk of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. Full Story

Uranium Resources Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Friday, August 14 2015
During the second quarter 2015, Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE) (URI) announced a transformational and strategic merger (Merger) with Anatolia Energy Limited (ASX: AEK; Anatolia) that will advance uranium production to the near term with the planned construction and start-up of Anatolia’s Temrezli Project in Central Turkey. Full Story

URI Boosts its Uranium Resources
By: Peter Spina, President, CEO of & | Wednesday, August 12 2015
Uranium Resources has spent the past two years restructuring itself to be able to make money in a weak uranium environment and thrive when the market bounces back. The NASDAQ-listed (URRE) company has been shedding non-core assets and cutting overhead costs while boosting its low-cost in-situ uranium project holdings. Full Story

Uranium Resources’ Merger with Anatolia Energy a Clear Winner
By: Peter Epstein | Monday, August 10 2015
The following interview of Mr. Christopher Jones, President and CEO of Uranium Resources Inc. (Ticker: URRE) was conducted by phone and email in the week ending August 6, 2015. Uranium Resources (URRE or “URI.”) is a small cap uranium company focused on closing a proposed merger with Anatolia Energy (ASX:AEK). If the proposed merger closes (anticipated in late September), the resulting company would have a market cap of about US$ 41 million. Full Story

Uranium Resources Acquires Historic Resource Estimates And Drill Data for Butler Ranch Project
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Friday, July 17 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:URRE; URI or the Company) has acquired an extensive data set containing historical mineral resource estimates as well as over 2,000 drilling logs, geologic and other data (Mineral Data) for URI's Butler Ranch Project in South Texas. Full Story

Uranium Resources Enters Agreement to Raise $2.5 Million Cash With Other Consideration as It Divests Roca Honda Assets and Provides Update on the Merger With Anatolia
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Wednesday, July 15 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:URRE; URI) announced today that it has executed a definitive agreement to sell its Roca Honda Project assets (Roca Honda Assets) to Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE MKT: UUUU; TSX: EFR) for US$2.5 million in cash, US$375,000 in Energy Fuels' NYSE MKT-listed shares (76,455 UUUU shares) plus other consideration. Full Story

Uranium Resources and Anatolia Energy Announce Merger with Aim to Fast-Track Uranium Production
By: Uranium Resources Inc. | Monday, July 13 2015
Uranium Resources Inc. (Uranium Resources or URI) (NASDAQ:URRE) and Anatolia Energy Limited (Anatolia) (ASX:AEK) are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement to combine the two companies to create a larger, diversified uranium development and exploration business, with the aim of becoming a low-cost uranium producer in the near term from the Temrezli Project in central Turkey. Full Story

Interview with Uranium Resources NASDAQ:URRE
By: | Friday, July 10 2015
CEO & President Christopher Jones of Uranium Resources (URRE) makes his debut appearance. His track record of success spans 30 years and several companies including silver / copper mines, an oil sands operation and a coal company, culminating with the latest project, Uranium Resources (URRE). Full Story

Uranium Resources to Divest Roca Honda Property for $2.5 Million Cash and Other Consideration
By: Uranium Resources, Inc. | Friday, July 10 2015
Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:URRE) announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE MKT: UUUU; TSX: EFR) related to the purchase and exchange of certain uranium properties in New Mexico for the mutual benefit of both companies. Full Story

Capital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit
By: Nick Giambruno | Thursday, July 2 2015
Most people understand that it’s foolish to keep all their eggs in one basket. Yet they fail to go far enough in applying the principle. Diversification isn’t just about investing in multiple stocks or in multiple asset classes. Real diversification - the kind that keeps you safe - means holding assets in multiple countries, so that you’re not overexposed to the economic and political risks that are present in every country. Full Story

Marin Katusa: Tricks Anybody Can Use to Out-Invest the Top Fund Managers
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Tuesday, June 30 2015
You don't have to be a geologist or a workaholic fund manager to spot deals in the natural resources space—although it helps if you know a good one. Focus on the people behind the company, find out if they have skin in the game, and wait until you can get in at a lower price than their price. Then be patient. In this interview with The Energy Report, Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, shares some insight in the uranium and oil and gas space that could add up to future profit for any investor. Full Story

VSA Capital's Paul Renken Follows the Flow of Risk Capital into the Battery Space
By: The Energy Report and Paul Renken | Tuesday, June 23 2015
Paul Renken, mining analyst with London-based VSA Capital, says risk capital is being invested ahead of actual consumer demand in the high-technology battery/electric vehicle sector, and believes the "if-you-build-it-they-will-come" mentality pervading the space is an investment wave of the future. In this interview with The Energy Report, Renken offers insight into what he wants in battery materials equity plays, as well as in uranium and fertilizer plays, all of which are primed to power energy portfolios. Full Story

Uranium Got You Down? Better Days Are Ahead: Cantor Fitzgerald Canada's Rob Chang
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Tuesday, June 9 2015
Uranium's price has been low and stagnant for years, but that's going to change, says Rob Chang of Cantor Fitzgerald Canada. Chang foresees volatility as the 2020 uranium deficit draws closer and demand for the limited stockpile drives the price up. In this interview with The Energy Report, the analyst points out that investors can find bargains throughout the space. Full Story

Nuclear Takes Back Seat in United States, but Drives the Bus in China
By: Visual Capitalist | Wednesday, May 27 2015
Earlier this month, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggested that the Indian Point nuclear facility should be shut down for good. The reactor had a transformer fire on May 9 that shut down part of the reactor, but also discharged thousands of gallons of oil into the Hudson River. This is not an uncommon theme in the United States. As the above infographic shows, the vast majority of nuclear reactors have been steaming along for decades and are approaching their decommissioning date. With only four reactors under construction and just a handful of planned or proposed facilities, nuclear has now taken a backseat in the United States. Full Story

Joe Reagor: The Rising Demand for Nuclear Power
By: The Mining Report | Tuesday, April 14 2015
Nuclear power is enjoying a renaissance, and the world will soon need more uranium. Up to 50% more within a decade, says Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital. In this interview with The Mining Report, he explains that the share prices of uranium juniors remain low because the uranium spot price has not yet risen to reflect the increased demand just around the corner. This provides a great opportunity for canny, long-term investors, and Reagor explains why companies may have means to profit from the inevitable need of their product. Full Story

Commodity Scoreboard: Uranium and Silver Led the Way in Q1 [Chart]
By: Visual Capitalist | Friday, April 10 2015
The overall commodities market (S&P GSCI) tanked -5.1% in Q1, weighed on by fossil fuels with oil and natural gas down -11.7% and -7.1% respectively. However, it was a different energy-related commodity that had the last laugh. Full Story

Dundee's David Talbot Charges Ahead, Confident that Uranium Has a Bright Future
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, April 9 2015
Smart energy investors pay attention when Dundee Capital Markets' David A. Talbot speaks. With decades of experience as a geologist and financial analyst, Talbot knows his game. He puts his muddy boots on the ground, always visiting a mine before recommending a buy. In a wide-ranging interview with The Energy Report, Talbot opens Dundee's basket of well-positioned uranium mining firms—all well-managed companies that will pump out riches as the uranium price stabilizes. Full Story

Interactive: The World’s Nuclear Arsenals Over Time
By: Visual Capitalist | Monday, March 9 2015
The Good News: There are far less nuclear warheads around than there were during the peak of the Cold War. In 1986, there were 64,099 stockpiled warheads and today there is less than 1/6 of that.
The Bad News: there are still enough to blow up the world 100x over, and on average each one is more powerful. Also, some countries that don’t like each other very much (India, Pakistan) are in possession of the technology.
Full Story

Unconventional Investing for Unconventional Times
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, February 10 2015
Out of the gates, investors in PPs have an advantage over investors who buy in the open market. First off, you pay no buying commission to your broker when you buy via a private placement. More important, by buying into a PP, the investor gets exposure to warrants. Full Story

Raymond James Analyst Talks the Coming Uranium Upswing
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, February 5 2015
Uranium spot prices have shown more life recently, says David Sadowski, mining equity research analyst at Raymond James, and he expects upward pressure to continue as utilities resume buying to meet future needs. In this interview, he tells The Energy Report the time is ripe to invest in uranium company stocks. Full Story

Was This American Hero Actually a Soviet Spy?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, February 3 2015
Whether or not Armand was a Soviet spy, a Socialist pawn laundering money, or a brilliant rogue mastermind worthy of a role as a James Bond villain, he was surely not the simple man of commerce often portrayed in the press. However, there is no denying his business acumen and his ability to build relationships and networks. He said it best when asked to describe his career: “I am first and foremost a catalyst; I bring people and situations together.” Full Story

Building A U.S. Based Uranium Powerhouse
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Monday, February 2 2015
Based on the most recent statistics from the World Nuclear Association, there are a total of 253 reactors that are either under construction, or planned around the world. Prior to the Fukushima incident in February 2011, there were only 218 reactors under construction or planned. Full Story

199 Days of Hell
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, January 30 2015
Just after I signed the publishing agreement for my first book, The Colder War, I realized how much research I was going to end up doing, specifically in areas that I never thought would be so integral to my subject area: energy and mining. Along the way, I came across some fascinating events that were completely out of my area of expertise but gave me a better sense for the unintended consequences in an historical perspective of the events that led to where we are today. Full Story TV Interviews Marin Katusa: Putin Is Going To Do What Is In The Best Interest of Russia
By: TV | Tuesday, January 20 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with Chief Investment Strategist at Casey Research, Marin Katusa. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Oil’s Drop Not a Surprise, But the Pace Was
- Putin is Trying to Bring Russia to its Prior Glory
- A Petrodollar Crash is a Serious Risk
Full Story

Is Obama Losing the Energy War Before It’s Even Started?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Wednesday, January 14 2015
“If Obama vetoes the Keystone XL pipeline, he’s putting the American population at greater risk than ever before,” says Marin Katusa, best-selling author of The Colder War and chief investment strategist of the Casey Research energy team. Full Story

Charting Uranium's Gain, Brent Cook Looks for Sweet Spots in the Athabasca Basin
By: The Mining Report | Wednesday, January 14 2015
As nuclear plant restarts take effect in Japan, both market sentiment and fundamentals are seeing positive boosts. Here to discuss the sea change is expert geologist and astute investor Brent Cook, author of Exploration Insights. In this interview with The Mining Report, Cook explains the forces behind uranium's recent price uptick, and describes what kinds of uranium mining projects are worth an investment in this market. Full Story

The New Normal for Oil?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, January 13 2015
You may have come across the word “contango” in an oil-related news report or article recently and wondered, “What’s contango?” It isn’t the Chinese version of the tango. Contango is a condition in a commodity market where the futures price for the commodity is higher than the current spot price. Essentially, the future price of oil is higher than what oil is worth today. Full Story

Keystone XL Veto Is Partisan Political Disaster for America
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, January 9 2015
The controversy over the Keystone XL pipeline is proof positive that American politics have gone from debate to pure partisan propaganda – at the expense of business and even common sense. With over half a million miles of pipeline already, failing to replace that aging infrastructure only means more oil flowing via crumbling pipelines – some 50 years old – and dangerous rail cars, like the one that killed dozens in Quebec in 2013. Full Story

Make No Mistake, the Oil Slump Is Going to Hurt the US Too
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, December 23 2014
If you only paid attention to the mainstream media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the US is going to get away from the collapse in oil prices scot free. According to popular belief, America is even going to be a net winner from cheaper oil prices, because they will act like a tax cut for US consumers. Or so we are told. Full Story

Why Russia Will Halt the Ruble’s Slide and Keep Pumping Oil
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Thursday, December 18 2014
The harsh reality is that U.S. shale fields have much more to fear from plummeting oil prices than the Russians, since their costs of production are much higher, says Marin Katusa, author of The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp. Full Story

German Chancellor Merkel Won’t Let Ukraine Get in the Way of Business
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, December 16 2014
The Ukraine crisis has moderated for now, but it should have awakened the world to the new “great game” being played in Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin is positioning Russia to control the global energy trade, knowing that he holds the trump card: Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas. Full Story

Russia’s Unfazed by Falling Oil Prices
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Thursday, December 11 2014
Oil is not quite as powerful a weapon against modern-day Russia as one might think. By arguing that the slump in oil prices will finish off Russia just like it did the Soviet Union, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, writing in the Daily Telegraph, is forgetting how far Russia has come since those dark days. It is true that the USSR couldn’t cope with falling oil revenues and that Saudi Arabia is credited with helping to break up the former empire by dramatically increasing oil production from 2 million to 10 million barrels per day in 1985. Full Story

Russia and China’s Natural Gas Deals Are a Death Knell for Canada’s LNG Ambitions
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, December 5 2014
In recent years, a number of Asian companies have been betting that Canada will be able to export cheap liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its west coast. These big international players include PetroChina, Mitsubishi, CNOOC, and, until December 3, Malaysian state-owned Petronas. Full Story

Reactors Restart Uranium Mines: Thomas Drolet
By: The Mining Report | Tuesday, December 2 2014
Thomas Drolet has decades of experience in capitalizing on the movement of international energy markets. The chief of Drolet & Associates Energy Services is not sanguine about the long-term potential of fracking, but in this interview with The Mining Report, he tells us why now is a great time to reinvest in the uranium space. Full Story

Historic Turnaround in Uranium Prices and Equities in the Making
By: Stephan Bogner | Friday, November 28 2014
While precious metal prices are under attack once again threatening to drop even further, uranium prices have been accelerating lately and an increasing number of investors are running into uranium equities as a historic turnaround is in the making, according to Dundee Capital, Raymond James, H.C. Wainwright and other investment banks worldwide. At $40/lb U3O8, the uranium price is up +43% since the lows of $28 this summer. Full Story

Breakfast with a Lord of War
By: David Galland, Partner, Casey Research | Wednesday, November 19 2014
It is a rare moment in one’s life when the bureaucratic curtain falls away long enough to reveal something approximating The Truth. In my opinion, that’s what I observed over breakfast four years ago. That, right or wrong, the proactive military strategy of the US had been turned toward Russia. Knowing that and no more, one can only guess what actual measures have been planned and set into motion to defang the Russian bear. Full Story

Marin Katusa: “Russia Back to Superpower Status”
By: By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, November 14 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin has re-established his country as a global superpower. "Not only that, he's got the other emerging markets working in concert against U.S. interests, globally," said Marin Katusa, author of The Colder War, during an interview on the "Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV. On top of that, Marin added, "Western Europe's become more addicted to Russian sources of oil and natural gas." Full Story

The Colder War is Heating Up as Putin Tightens His Grip on the Global Energy Trade
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, November 14 2014
Marin warns that America cannot achieve energy independence and that downward pressure on the price of oil will remain a near-term threat. He also reveals where he thinks the next big discoveries in oil will occur. Hint: It's not America. And gives his insights on the deals happening between Russia and China and what's in store for the future of OPEC and US oil exports. Full Story

The Looming Uranium Crisis: Strategic Implications for the Colder War
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, November 14 2014
In the wake of one singular event—the disaster at Fukushima in March 2011, the effects of which are still being felt today across the planet—nuclear power has seemingly fallen into utter disrepute, at least in the popular mind. But this is largely an illusion. Full Story

The Madness of the EU’s Energy Policy
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, November 7 2014
The stakes couldn’t be higher. Vladimir Putin has launched a devastating plan to turn Russia into an energy powerhouse. And Europe, dependent on Russian natural gas and oil for a third of its fuel needs, has fallen right into his hands: Putin can bend the EU to his will simply by twisting the valve shut. Full Story

Putin Signs Secret Pact to Crush NATO
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, November 7 2014
If Putin has his way, the SCO could not only rival NATO, it could fashion a new financial structure that directly competes with the IMF and World Bank. The New Development Bank (FKA the BRICS Bank), created this past summer in Brazil, was a first step in that direction. And that could lead to the dethroning of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, with dire consequences for the American economy. Full Story

Ron Paul Says: Watch the Petrodollar
By: Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, | Friday, November 7 2014
The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or euros. The sooner the better.—Ron Paul Full Story

Three Ways to Play Uranium: Dundee's David Talbot’s Strategy in the Uranium Sector
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, October 16 2014
Investors in the uranium space are like Goldilocks: They have three major ways to play, says David A. Talbot, senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets. The Athabasca Basin entices with high rewards for high risks. U.S.-based in-situ recovery offers stable cash flow from stable operations. And companies challenged by current market prices that are positioning themselves smartly for an upswing also provide opportunity. In this interview with The Energy Report, Talbot explains the turbulent currents roiling the uranium space. Full Story

I'm still bullish on uranium! - Mickey Fulp
By: TV | Tuesday, October 7 2014
Mickey Fulp The Mercenary Geologist catches up with Vanessa Collette and talks about what commodities he is bullish on and expresses his take on the junior markets. Full Story

The Athabasca Basin is the only place to invest for uranium! - Derek Hamill
By: TV | Tuesday, October 7 2014
Derek Hamill, Research Analyst, Zimtu Capital expresses why he is still optimistic for the junior sector and venture opportunities. Full Story

Visualizing the Changing Landscape in Nuclear Power
By: Visual Capitalist | Tuesday, September 16 2014
There’s been talk about a coming potential uranium bull market for awhile now, but here is a different look at the nuclear picture. The above visualization shows every nuclear reactor in the world by country and breaks down their timeline including construction, commercial power generation, and decommissioning. In addition, planned reactors for the future are also shown for each country. Full Story

Natural Resource Surprises Galore: Peter Epstein
By: The Energy Report | Tuesday, September 16 2014
The natural resources space has been difficult in recent years. Potash prices collapsed, uranium spot prices hit a nine-year low, the gas market was in glut. Only oil has stayed strong. But Peter Epstein of MockingJay Inc. has found some gems in the resource rubble, and foresees better times ahead. In this interview, Epstein tells The Energy Report how to read the cryptic graphite market, how to catch the next wave in potash, and offers his thoughts on when investors might catch a break in the uranium market. Full Story

David Sadowski: Are You Ready for Upward Pressure on Uranium Prices?
By: The Mining Report | Tuesday, August 5 2014
Take advantage of the temporary bear market in uranium juniors, David Sadowski tells The Mining Report. The Raymond James mining analyst explains why uranium prices are low and why they will rise in the medium term. Hint: It has something to do with how orange juice is produced. And he talks about why a gold lining makes the metals market a solid bet. Full Story

Coffee With Mickey and John: Small Modular Reactors
By: John Licata and Mickey Fulp | Tuesday, August 5 2014
John Licata of Blue Phoenix chats with the Mercenary Geologist, Mickey Fulp, about the outlook for small modular reactors. This is a macro look into the future of nuclear power technology. Full Story

Japanese Restart Nuclear Reactors Reigniting Uranium Mining Sector
By: Jeb Handwerger | Thursday, July 17 2014
The uranium mining ETF is beginning to breakout from a 10 week base and moving above the 50 day moving average. Look for a new three month high at $15.40 to confirm that the recent approval in Japan is in fact sparking a technical reversal. Full Story

Are You Ready for Doubles and Triples in Uranium Mining Stocks?
By: The Energy Report and Jeb Handwerger | Thursday, July 10 2014
Are you brave enough to buy straw hats in winter? From uranium to oil services to lithium, savvy investors can find innovative ways to make money based on fundamental supply and demand rather than emotion and fashion. In this interview with The Energy Report, Gold Stock Trades editor Jeb Handwerger outlines the trends that will shape the future of energy commodity investing. Full Story

Contrarian Investing in Uranium Demands an Iron Constitution
By: Ryan Fletcher | Tuesday, May 13 2014
Contrarian investing entails going against the herd and at times your gut. Widespread pessimism during the financial crisis of 2008, for instance, created opportunities in some of the spaces under the most negative pressure including banking and automotive. Why? Because the overwhelming negativity was priced in. Opportunity lurked in the crisis. Full Story

How a Big Cat Started Europe’s Addiction to Oil
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Wednesday, May 7 2014
How the West got on the hook that it finds itself on today… and how smart investors can profit. Full Story

New Countries in Nuclear
By: Canon Bryan | Monday, May 5 2014
Whenever the prospects of the nuclear energy industry are discussed, critics and skeptics inevitably focus their attention on the First World nations. Why not? First world nations are currently responsible for 79% of the world’s total nuclear energy capacity. Disbelievers in nuclear energy commonly cite the fact that the USA’s nuclear industry (101 operable reactors out of a total global fleet of 428) is facing enormous challenges, including financing challenges – owing to the near-term attractiveness of natural gas power – and stifling regulatory challenges – from a regulator who seems intent on bringing down the industry with Draconian rules that seem to defy the very laws of physics. Full Story

Ed Sterck: Russian Sanctions May Have Utilities Squeezing Less Juice from Uranium Supply
By: The Mining Report | Monday, May 5 2014
Russia is a commodities giant, but supply isn't the major issue—enrichment is. With a 44% global market share, Russia's enrichment industry allows utilities around the world to squeeze more juice out of fewer lemons. In other words, Russian sanctions could mean utilities may have to use more natural uranium to make lemonade. That's how Edward Sterck sees it, and the uranium mining analyst for BMO Capital Markets predicts a supply deficit by 2018. In this interview with The Mining Report, Sterck delivers a comprehensive uranium market overview and shares uranium names that can juice profits in lean times. Full Story

Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE) New Recommendation
By: Peter Zihlmann | Wednesday, April 2 2014
URI currently controls three production properties and an exploration property in the state of Texas. These properties are owned by the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, URI, Inc. They include the Kingsville Dome, Rosita and Vasquez production properties and the Los Finados/Tecolote exploration property. Full Story

Conjuring Profits from Uranium's Resurgence
By: The Energy Report and David Sadowski | Thursday, March 27 2014
It doesn't take a Ouija board to predict a rebound in the price of uranium: Global fuel stocks are insufficient, and unmet demand for uranium is growing. In this interview with The Energy Report, David Sadowski, a mining research analyst at Raymond James, explains the forces that will push the price of uranium. Being selective, he says, will provide the greatest rewards. Full Story

Zimtu Capital Analyst Says All Roads Lead to the Athabasca Basin
By: The Energy Report and Derek Hamill | Thursday, March 6 2014
To the World Nuclear Association, 2% uranium ore is high grade. At 14%, 16% and even 20% uranium, the grades in the Athabasca Basin are astounding analysts and investors around the world. Derek Hamill, Zimtu Capital Corp.'s new head of research, tells The Energy Report about where the investment dollars are moving in the Athabasca Basin, and what areas are worth watching going forward. Full Story

The Time of Maximum Pessimism Is the Best Time to Buy
By: Nick Giambruno | Wednesday, March 5 2014
The fact that we’re still at the very early stages of these three catalysts, combined with the continued “maximum pessimism” sentiment tells us that there’s still a lot more upside potential in this crisis investment. Full Story

By: Peter Zihlmann | Tuesday, March 4 2014
Uranium Energy Corp is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company. The Company’s operations are managed by professionals with a recognized profile for excellence in their industry, a profile based on many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development and mining. Full Story

The Great Athabasca Basin Uranium Hunt
By: Stephan Bogner | Thursday, February 27 2014
After years of ebb, millions of Dollars are flowing into the exploration and development of new uranium deposits. Despite uranium prices holding stable at low levels, one can sense the start of a new exploration and discovery boom, however limited to the Athabasca Uranium Basin in Canada. And there is a reason for that. Full Story

For 2014 Gains, Look to Uranium, PGMs and Gems
By: The Mining Report and Paul Renken | Tuesday, February 25 2014
Paul Renken, senior geologist and analyst with VSA Capital, calls 2014 a soft year for gold and silver prices, but foresees stronger prices—and demand—for nickel, copper and tech metals as the year progresses. In this Mining Report interview, he lists the three commodities investors should feel good about and digs into the details of the Indonesian ban on exports of raw ore. Full Story

Uranium is Ready to Roar Back
By: Stephan Bogner | Friday, February 21 2014
As outlined in our previous articles in November and December, we anticipate uranium prices to improve significantly in 2014 for a number of reasons. Today, the fundamentals for uranium and nuclear power generation are stronger than ever. More reactors are under construction, planned and proposed than before the Fukushima incident. Full Story

Saskatchewan Juniors In A Most Excellent Adventure
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Friday, February 21 2014
In the history of mineral exploration, the quest for uranium is really in its infancy. Gold, silver, copper, iron and tin exploration, mining and refining can be traced back almost 10,000 years in some form. Full Story

Uranium Supply Disruptions Spell Opportunity for Investors
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Thursday, February 20 2014
A supply crisis is looming in the uranium industry, and today's uranium price, stagnant at an eight-year low, will shoot up quickly when restarts of Japanese nuclear power plants bring back demand with a vengeance, David Talbot tells The Energy Report. Talbot, a geologist and senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets, is excited about the potential of Canada's Athabasca Basin, the world's most prolific uranium source. But beyond the pounds in the ground, he sees money to be made in undervalued companies. Full Story

99 Problems… But Oil Ain’t One of Them
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Monday, February 17 2014
America has some serious problems. Despite the fact that the United States spends $15,171 per student—more than any other country in the world—American students consistently trail their foreign counterparts, ranking 23rd in science and 31st in math. Full Story

Energy Fuels Inc. (TOR:EFR): New Rocommendation
By: Peter Zihlmann | Monday, February 17 2014
Energy Fuels, America’s premier uranium producer, is a fully-integrated producer of both uranium and vanadium, with the only operating uranium mill in the United States. Uranium is the fuel for clean, carbon-free electricity. Vanadium is utilized in steel alloys and advanced battery technologies. Full Story

Bullish Golden Crossover On The TSX Venture May Signal Better Times Ahead For Junior Mining Investors
By: Jeb Handwerger | Friday, February 7 2014
The TSX Venture is making a bullish move above the 200 day moving average. This is the first weekly move above this key technical level in more than three years. Now a bullish golden cross of the 50 and 200 day on the Venture Index may forecast a lot of capital to enter our small junior miners in North America. This bullish technical development may signal that the vicious downtrend in the resource sector may be ending. Full Story

We Love You, Mr. President!
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, February 4 2014
So, thank you, dear Mr. President, because your loss is my gain. Oh, come on now, no need to hide your face in shame. After all, this is not the first time government stupidity has set up an incredible opportunity to make a fortune—you're in very good company. Thanks to your stunning incompetence, I wouldn't be surprised if you handed me and my Casey Energy Report subscribers a double or triple on our investments. So I close my letter with the warmest wishes for the rest of your presidency. May you never change. Full Story

Climate Change, Polar Vortex’s and Nuclear Energy
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Friday, January 24 2014
What does nuclear energy have to do with a polar vortex, record cold/snow and climate change? Read on to find out… From the World Nuclear Association (WNA) we take the following numbers as updated January 3rd, 2014. An important point to remember is I’m only going to use demand numbers from ‘future reactors envisaged in specific plans and proposals and expected to be operating by 2030.’ Full Story

Energy Outlook: What’s Hot in 2014
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Wednesday, January 22 2014
Investors who want to know how the energy sector will be doing in the coming year are, in my opinion, asking the wrong question. There really is no such thing as "the energy sector," because the performance of the different resources—from oil and gas, to uranium, to coal, to renewables—can vary dramatically. Full Story

Amanda Van Dyke: How Dozen Gold, Copper, Phosphate and Uranium Standouts
By: The Mining Report and Amanda Van Dyke | Wednesday, January 22 2014
Amanda Van Dyke of Palisade Capital is confident that China's reforms will ensure that the commodity supercycle will continue for some time to come. In this interview with The Mining Report, Van Dyke argues that investors should worry less about the right balance of specific commodities and more about the right mix of early-stage, development-stage and producing companies. Full Story

How Putin Conquered South Africa
By: By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Monday, January 13 2014
In the global war for energy supremacy, Russia has won another victory over the United States. This time, the battleground has been South Africa, where Russia's state-owned nuclear power company, Rosatom, has just signed an agreement to build eight new reactors. Once all of them are operational, South Africa's nuclear capacity will increase more than sixfold—from 1.8 gigawatts (GW) to 11.4 GW over the next 15 years. Full Story

Highest Uranium Values Ever Detected in the Athabasca Basin
By: Stephan Bogner | Thursday, January 9 2014
Lakeland’s land-based RadonEx values are with 9.9 pCi (picocurie) around 10 times higher as what Fission Uranium Corp. measured with their prolific Patterson Lake discovery. In the Athabasca Basin, it was proved numerous times historically: the higher the RadonEx values at surface, the higher uranium enrichment below surface. Full Story

The Supply and Demand Fundamentals of Uranium
By: Mickey Fulp | Tuesday, December 17 2013
The uranium spot price has undergone two boom and bust cycles during the past 10 years, both largely driven by increasing demand for nuclear fuel that caused speculation followed by parabolic collapse. The first cycle began in mid-2003 when the spot price climbed above its long-term base of $10/lb to peak at $135/lb in mid-2007 before crashing to $40. This classic rise was largely driven by hedge-fund speculation and the fall was exacerbated by the global economic crisis of 2008-2009. Full Story

No Dead-Cat Bounce – A Dead-Serious Warning From Uranium
By: Stephan Bogner | Wednesday, December 4 2013
According to a recent publication from the American Chemical Society, a study performed by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Columbia University Earth Institute of New York came to the conclusion that more than 1.8 million human deaths have been prevented by world nuclear power production from 1971-2009. Full Story

Why Uranium and Coal Rank High for Energy Return on Energy Invested
By: The Energy Report and Thomas Drolet | Tuesday, December 3 2013
Not all energy options are equally good, says Thomas Drolet, principal of Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc. Using an "Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI)" calculation to decide which energy sources yield the most for the least energy investment, Drolet sees hydroelectricity, natural gas, uranium and coal at the top of the list. Drolet adds that the need for reliable power will keep baseload power fueled by uranium and coal at the center of the world's electricity systems for many years, but he tips The Mining Report to some technologies that can help make coal a more environment-friendly fuel. Full Story

By: Peter Zihlmann | Friday, November 29 2013
Uranerz Energy Corporation is a U.S. mining company focused on near term commercial in-situ recovery ("ISR") uranium production and is currently constructing its first ISR mine in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Full Story

The Iranian Deal: What the Big Six Really Have to Gain
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Wednesday, November 27 2013
Over the weekend, the world changed. Officials from Iran made a deal with six countries (the US, Russia, China, England, France, and Germany)—in exchange for suspending the world's sanctions on Iran, Iran will curb its nuclear weapons program. Though it's only a six-month interim agreement for now, it's an important first step toward bringing Iran economically closer to the rest of the world. Full Story

By: Peter Zihlmann | Thursday, November 21 2013
Ur-Energy is a dynamic junior mining company operating the Lost Creek in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium facility in south-central Wyoming. The Lost Creek processing facility will have a two million pounds per year nameplate capacity. Ur-Energy engages in the identification, acquisition, exploration development, and operation of uranium projects in the United States and Canada. Full Story

America—the Next Big Contender in LNG Exports?
By: Russia Today, News Network | Friday, November 8 2013
Just a few years ago, pundits claimed that the US would be a major LNG importer—now they're saying the US will be a major exporter. The truth, says Casey Chief Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa in an RT interview, lies somewhere in between. Compared to its global competitors, says Marin, "America is a bit behind the eight ball, so to become a major player, they have to start getting their act together." Full Story

Play the Market Bottom and Focus on Energy Commodities
By: The Mining Report and Chris Berry | Tuesday, November 5 2013
Commodities are and always will be a cyclical market, asserts Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners. That's why he's not sweating disappointing stock performance and flat pricing environments. But the self-described long-term bull on energy materials has big plans on how to play growth in the developing world, and, he insists this Mining Report, now is the time for investors to position themselves ahead of an upswing. Full Story

Athabasca Basin – The Place To Be For The Upcoming Uranium Boom
By: Stephan Bogner (Dipl. Kfm., FH), Mining Analyst with Rockstone Research Ltd. | Tuesday, November 5 2013
The best thing about low uranium prices is that they greatly enhance one’s ability to take over world-class deposits that were discovered prior during increased exploration thanks to high uranium prices. The Fukushima disaster has created extremely low valuations – takeovers at such depressed prices would not happen if the buyers had the notion that uranium has no future for global energy. Full Story

Uranium Investors, Ignore the Noise! Fundamentals Are Compelling
By: The Mining Report and David Sadowski | Tuesday, October 29 2013
Uranium prices and mining stocks are low, but market forces will push them both higher in the next 12–24 months, says David Sadowski. Miners are jockeying for position and the Raymond James mining analyst tells The Mining Report to expect mergers and acquisitions as they prepare for the good times to come. The market's supply glut will be gone by mid-decade, and mining will have to ramp up to head off a deficit by 2020. The time to buy in is now. Full Story

Uranium: Ripe for a Recovery!
By: Peter Zihlmann | Wednesday, October 9 2013
While France receives 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy, Belgium 51% Sweden 38%, South Korea 30%, the United States 19% and the UK 18%, China receives only 1.9% of its electricity from nuclear, India 2.2%, Brazil 3% and Russia 8%. These countries, focusing on non- greenhouse clean electricity sources, offer a strong growth potential. Full Story

Will Russia Lose Its Oily Grip on Europe?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Thursday, September 26 2013
Vladimir Putin is on a roll. Ever since the Russian president-turned-prime-minister-turned-president got into office 13 years ago, he's been deftly maneuvering Russia back into the ranks of global heavyweights. These days, he's averting cruise missiles from Syria before breakfast. Full Story TV Interviews Thomas Drolet: Current Fukushima troubles overblown, but some still serious
By: TV | Friday, September 13 2013 TV presents an exclusive interview with Thomas Drolet from Drolet & Associates Energy Services. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette of, including:
The movement of water at Fukushima and the future of the site
How does it impact the uranium sector?
The spot price of uranium versus the long term market
Full Story

5 Lessons I Learned from Lukas Lundin
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Friday, September 13 2013
A natural-resource insider asking who Lukas Lundin is would be like a Brit asking who the current queen of England is. You just know. Fact is, there is no stronger figure in the resource sector than Lukas, who heads the Lundin Group of Companies founded in 1971 by the late Adolf Lundin, Lukas's father and a veritable legend in the sector. Full Story

Casey’s Marin Katusa: Conflict Could Be Good for Energy Investors
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Thursday, September 12 2013
Conflict in the Middle East has Europe scrambling to find reliable energy sources closer to home. This means investors should consider watching for a big shale discovery in a friendly location. Marin Katusa, energy expert with Casey Research, is constantly looking for the next big thing. In this interview with The Energy Report, Katusa explores the natural gas and uranium markets which could provide a stable supply in a time of crisis. Full Story TV Interviews Casey Research's Marin Katusa: Russia is world's leading oil producer & Putin is reason why
By: TV | Thursday, September 12 2013
One of the world's top energy analysts, Casey Research's ( Marin Katusa explores the reasons why Russia is the world's leading resource producer and how Vladimir Putin is proving to be one of the globe's most cunning leaders. Interviewed by Vanessa Collette at Cambridge House's Toronto Resource Investment Conference 2013. A must-watch! Full Story

Uranium Price Headed for $50 in 2014, Taking Stocks Higher
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Wednesday, September 11 2013
The stubborn spot price of uranium has frustrated market watchers for the past year. But that's not the whole story. As most long-term contracts have been made at higher prices, astute investors have been slowly moving into the stocks of uranium producers and explorers in anticipation of the delayed commodity price move expected in 2014. In this interview with The Energy Report, Cantor Fitzgerald Canada Metals and Mining Analyst Rob Chang explains what lies ahead and how the turnaround in the uranium market will benefit the investors looking for maximum profits. Full Story

Could This Be the Next Bakken?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, September 10 2013
Everyone is looking to make the "Big Score" in the resource sector—that one special discovery that is not just elephant- but brontosaurus-size: big enough to put you into the annals of resource exploration and make fortunes for your investors. Everyone knows that investing in the junior resource sector can be dangerous. In fact, there are few investments where the odds are so high that they will fail and you will lose your money. But when you do find the "Big Score," it can be a life-altering experience. Full Story

Uranium: The Metal of Tomorrow
By: Visual Capitalist | Tuesday, August 13 2013
Nuclear power is a clean energy source that will be used well into the future to help meet the world’s growing energy requirements. Here we highlight uranium’s history, properties, and fundamentals moving forward. Full Story

Top Ten Stocks for a Uranium Price Rebound
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Friday, August 2 2013
When it comes to uranium market sentiment, "it's all about Japan," says David Talbot, senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets. With restart applications trickling in and reactor construction underway throughout the world, a turnaround looks less like an "if" and more like a "when." In the meantime, Talbot sees many investors sitting on the sidelines. In this interview with The Energy Report, Talbot discusses the catalysts that could trigger the next uranium boom. Full Story

Capture Upside in Undervalued, Underfollowed Energy Stocks
By: The Energy Report and Peter Epstein | Friday, July 26 2013
Big gains are rarely found by jumping on the bandwagon. Independent Analyst and founder of MockingJay Inc., Peter Epstein argues that market darlings won't reward latecomers; that's why he spends his time finding undervalued, underfollowed junior resource companies. In this interview with The Energy Report, Epstein gives his take on uranium, graphite, potash, and oil. Full Story

Could Small Modular Reactors Goose Uranium Prices?
By: The Energy Report and Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, July 23 2013
Nuclear power is the best option for clean base-load power generation, according to Gold Stock Trades Editor Jeb Handwerger. As proof, he points to signs that even environmentalists are beginning to favor it. Meanwhile, uranium stocks are rising and large nuclear construction programs overseas should keep upward pressure on them. But as Handwerger explains in this interview with The Energy Report, the future of nuclear power generation may lie with small modular reactors, and the U.S. is leading their development. Full Story

Five Signs Uranium Could Explode Higher In The Second Half
By: Jeb Handwerger | Thursday, July 18 2013
Uranium (URA) could soar over the second half of this year. I believe the sector is making a major comeback. Long-term uranium investors are well aware of the exceptional gains in this sector like in 2007 when many uranium miners soared more than a 1,000% due to a supply shortfall. It could happen again sooner rather than later. Full Story

By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Friday, July 12 2013
Japan has 55 nuclear reactors using 21.3 million pounds (mlbs) of uranium - 12-13 percent of annual global uranium demand. A six-fold increase in China's installed nuclear capacity is expected by 2020. The HEU agreement ends late in 2013 and removes 24 million pounds of uranium supply from the market. Full Story

Recognizing Opportunity In Difficulty
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Friday, June 28 2013
In 2012 world consumption of uranium was 165 million pounds versus 152 million pounds of mined uranium production. Globally there are 434 nuclear reactors operable, 67 reactors are under construction, 159 are on order or planned and 318 are proposed. Full Story

The Hidden Bargain: The Other Yellow Metal
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Tuesday, June 4 2013
Over the past month, gold has seen a considerable decrease in price, dropping almost 15% since the beginning of May. If this trend continues, gold will have its first losing year since 2000. This has led many investors, from the housewives of China to the bankers on Wall Street, looking for a bargain in gold prices. Full Story

Civil Nuclear Energy Renaissance Restart
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Friday, May 31 2013
Concerns about climate change, carbon footprints, energy security and the rising cost of fossil fuels spurred a revival of interest in nuclear power generation. In early 2010 we saw the start of a of a global nuclear renaissance. It was derailed by Fukushima-Daiichi. Full Story

Why a Uranium Renaissance Looks Inevitable
By: Marin Katusa, Casey Research | Friday, May 24 2013
Casey Research's Chief Energy Investment Strategist, Marin Katusa, whose portfolio profited nicely the last time the uranium bull broke loose a decade ago, recently interviewed a group of world-renowned energy experts to discuss the prospects for the sector that some considered doomed by the Fukushima disaster. Full Story

The New Cold War: The “Putinization” of Uranium
By: Casey Research | Tuesday, May 21 2013
How will Russian President Putin's efforts to squeeze the nuclear energy sector affect the uranium market? Full Story

Putin’s Power Play – How It Will Change the Uranium Sector
By: Casey Research | Wednesday, May 15 2013
The last time Vladimir Putin was president, he laid the foundation to pull Mother Russia from the wreck of economic chaos to a world power once again. This time, he's ready to extend that influence to counter the West. His tools: Russia's abundant resources of energy, including uranium. Full Story

America’s Addiction to Foreign Uranium
By: Casey Research | Monday, May 13 2013
What most Americans don't realize is that dependence on foreign oil isn't the main obstacle to US energy autonomy. If you think America's energy supply issues begin and end with the Middle East, think again. One of the most critical sources of foreign energy is due to dry up this year, and the results could mean spiking electricity prices across the country. Full Story

Porter Stansberry vs. Marin Katusa: Who Won the Bet?
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist | Wednesday, May 8 2013
On May 1, 2012, Porter Stansberry and I made a bet. Porter predicted that oil would go below US$40 per barrel within 12 months. I stated that there was no chance that this would happen (my reasons are presented at the link above). Putting our money where our mouths are, we both agreed to bet 100 ounces of silver on the matter. Full Story

Does Your Retirement Plan Have Staying Power? Stansberry's Doc Eifrig Has Some Advice
By: The Energy Report and David Eifrig | Tuesday, April 9 2013
What is the best way to juice up your portfolio for a rich retirement? Natural gas and uranium are here to stay, says Stansberry Research's resident medical doctor and retirement investment guru, David Eifrig. In this The Energy Report interview, Eifrig shares tips to maintain your financial health—but get plenty of rest and exercise so you can enjoy those golden years. Full Story

Fortune Favors the Bold Energy Investor
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Friday, March 22 2013
Tough markets have the average investor crying uncle, but now is not the time to lament losses—it's time to bargain shop, suggests Marin Katusa, senior editor of Casey's Energy Dividends. China is snatching up energy prospects around the world in anticipation of ever-tightening oil markets. Meanwhile, there is already money to be made in international markets where consumers are paying double the price for U.S. natural gas. Full Story

Survival of the Fittest in Energy Investment
By: The Energy Report, Malcolm Gissen, and Marshall Berol | Tuesday, February 19 2013
Times may be tough for energy commodities, but Encompass Fund Managers Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol are hard-core survivors. In this interview with The Energy Report, the dynamic duo share their tactics for winning in 2013 after decades of experience investing in uranium, oil and gas, coal, hydroelectric and geothermal energy. Full Story

Which Uranium Stocks Will Rise on a Supply Shortfall?
By: The Energy Report and Colin Healey | Friday, February 15 2013
With energy demand looking up in China and Japan, both coal and uranium are likely to experience an uptick. But which producers will move with prices? Colin Healey of Haywood Securities explains to The Energy Report why it's time for investors to get excited again. Full Story

Is 2013 a Catalyst Year for the Uranium Market?
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Thursday, January 31 2013
After scraping along what appears to be the market bottom, uranium prices are poised for significant moves this year as the in-place demand exceeds visible supply for the foreseeable future. So says Rob Chang, Equity Analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald Canada in this interview with The Energy Report. Investors stand to make some exciting returns. Full Story

$100+/Pound Uranium Needed to Satisfy Stealth Demand
By: The Energy Report and Matt Badiali | Thursday, January 24 2013
What's the easiest way to track the ups and downs of energy markets? Watch what governments are doing rather than what they are saying, says S&A Resource Report Editor Matt Badiali. He has been watching behind-the-scenes nuclear energy importing in Germany and Japan and has concluded that the uranium market has hit bottom and is coming back up. In this Energy Report interview, he shares some words of wisdom on U.S. oil and gas bottlenecks. Full Story

Uranium: Energy Solution and Risk-On Opportunity
By: The Energy Report and Cecil Musgrave | Tuesday, January 22 2013
If a person consumed only nuclear-generated power, the amount of waste generated over his or her lifetime could be contained in a soda can. Compare this to the trainloads of coal delivered daily to coal-fired power plants and nuclear power seems like a no-brainer. Cecil Musgrave of sees nuclear power as a bridge to a renewable energy mix—but only if supply is reliable. In this interview with The Energy Report, Musgrave explains why supply shortages may create a price spike for the commodity. Full Story

Risk On Rally: Rare Earth And Uranium Miners Outperforming Over Past Month
By: Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, December 18 2012
For months, we have been highlighting to our readers that China’s economy is beginning to pick up which could positively influence commodity prices. The fears of a slowdown were overblown. China’s stock markets (FXI) have been rallying since early September because speculation is rising that the newly chosen Communist Party may boost the economy. The China 25 index fund (FXI) is approaching a major 52 week high breakout. Full Story

Japan's Election Results Have Uranium Bulls Ready to Charge
By: The Energy Report | Tuesday, December 18 2012
The results from Japan's general election Sunday may be a bellwether event for nuclear power. In a landslide win, Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) claimed 294 out of the 480 seats in the lower house of the Diet Sunday, defeating anti-nuclear opponents with a platform focused on economic issues and foreign policy. The Energy Report reached out to leading North American analysts for their take on Japan's changing of the guard and its effect on uranium stocks. Full Story

Why Is The Chinese Yuan Soaring Versus The U.S. Dollar?
By: Jeb Handwerger | Wednesday, December 12 2012
In early January of 2011, we highlighted a top secret candlelight dinner that was held at the White House where a deal was possibly made that China would raise the Yuan and the U.S. would devalue the dollar. At that time, we also predicted the China would open banks right here in the United States. There was no fanfare or mainstream media coverage. Full Story

2013 Should Be the Turnaround Year for Uranium
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Tuesday, December 4 2012
After two years of uncertainty, David Talbot tells The Energy Report why he expects 2013 to be the year that the balance in the uranium energy equation finally begins its tilt toward the demand side, with 2014 marking a probable supply shortfall. Full Story

A Global Perspective on US Energy Independence
By: The Energy Report and Rick Rule | Tuesday, November 27 2012
Could politicians' talk of the U.S. becoming energy self-sufficient be coming true? Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., explains how world energy market dynamics will shift as the U.S. reaches natural gas exporter status. From oil, gas and uranium, to hydro and geothermal, with a detour into energy infrastructure plays, Rule shares the rules he invests by in this Energy Report interview. Full Story

The Red Queen Syndrome
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Friday, November 23 2012
All through human evolution we have been harnessing increasingly effective forms of energy. From human power to horse power, to wood, coal, natural gas and uranium we’ve been working our way up the energy efficiency ladder. In reality what we’ve been doing is searching for the highest energy density to make energy production more efficient. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Are at Two-Year Lows, Pounce Now and Ride the Upswing
By: The Energy Report and Jeb Handwerger | Thursday, October 18 2012
Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades editor, says coal and natural gas lobbyists are kicking the uranium industry while it's down in the shadow of the Fukushima nuclear accident. It's still stormy out there, but the sector may prove be the pot at the end of the rainbow for contrarian investors. In this interview with The Energy Report, Jeb Handwerger challenges investors to take a calculated risk on a sector with major potential. Full Story

Uranium Fundamentals Are at a Tipping Point
By: The Energy Report and Alka Singh | Thursday, September 13 2012
Uranium prices may be down, but so are supplies. Demand for the heavy metal is rising fast, says Independent Researcher Alka Singh of Mine2Capital. In an exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Singh notes that with the flow of enriched uranium from Russia drying up, the pressure is on for the mining industry to produce millions more pounds of yellow cake each year. Full Story

The US Is More Dependent On Foreign Uranium Than Foreign Oil
By: Amir Adnani | Wednesday, September 12 2012
A conversation with Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp, $UEC, about nuclear energy, uranium supply and demand, and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Tommy Humphreys. Full Story

This Is Your Energy Entry Point
By: The Energy Report and Mark Lackey | Thursday, August 30 2012
Oil prices are starting to creep back up while gas, coal and uranium are poised for moves this fall, according to Mark Lackey, long-time energy analyst now representing resource companies with the IR firm of CHF Investor Relations. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Mark shares his current insights on energy markets. Full Story

Doug Casey Uncovers the Real Price of Peak Oil
By: The Energy Report and Doug Casey | Wednesday, August 29 2012
I have to be bullish simply because of reality. It really is the safest, cheapest, and cleanest form of mass power, but unfortunately it's also the object of mass political hysteria. Many misinformed but well-funded nongovernmental organizations simply hate uranium, for purely ideological reasons. Full Story

Why Uranium Prices Will Spike in 2013
By: The Energy Report and David Sadowski | Thursday, August 23 2012
Analyst David Sadowski of Raymond James sees a lot on the horizon for uranium: a supply shortfall, escalating Asian demand and seasonality, to name just a few. As a former geologist-turned sellside analyst, Sadowski's conviction in uranium's bullish future is rock solid. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Sadowski urges investors to get exposure now, as prices in this sector can climb quickly once they're set in motion. Full Story

Who Will Fill the 24 Million Pound Uranium Supply Gap?
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Tuesday, August 14 2012
David Talbot of Dundee Securities sees the tides rising in uranium markets, but not every stock price will recover in-step. Talbot's strategy is to focus on a good story, and he has identified uranium exploration, development and production companies with compelling growth profiles. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Talbot explains why investors should build positions while the spot price is still sluggish. Full Story

Spot Uranium Sleeping Beauties Before the Market Wakes Up
By: The Energy Report and Jeb Handwerger | Friday, July 20 2012
Pundits may have closed the book on the so-called nuclear renaissance, but the story is far from over. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Gold Stock Trades Editor Jeb Handwerger suggests that a new generation of nuclear energy must be part of a diversified happy ending, but by that time, merger and acquisition activity may have already rewarded the investors who believed in a brighter future. Read on. Full Story

A Major Uranium Supply Gap Is Looming
By: The Energy Report and Edward Sterck | Thursday, June 7 2012
With Japan set to restart reactors and Russia's Megatons to Megawatts program near its expiration date, Analyst Edward Sterck thinks uranium stocks could pick up momentum, even if uranium prices show no inclination of heading north. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Sterck warns of a supply-demand gap that could hit the world as early as 2015. In the meantime, consolidation is the name of the game. Full Story

Nuclear Power Has a Bright Future
By: The Energy Report and Amir Adnani | Tuesday, June 5 2012
If you asked Amir Adnani, chief executive of Uranium Energy Corp., why he was so bullish about uranium in 2007, his answer would be the same as it is today: There is not enough supply to meet demand. Investors might wonder if Fukushima has drawn the curtain on this industry, but Adnani says in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report that this is just the first act for nuclear power. Full Story

A Ripple Effect Creates A Trickle Down Investment
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Friday, June 1 2012
Once in a long while we as investors are given a glimpse, a window into the future. How can there be any doubt that access to clean fresh water for drinking, sanitation and crop irrigation is going to become the one overriding concern for billions of people? Potash and uranium are going to become overriding dominant investment sectors. For this reason potash and uranium should be on every persons radar screen. Are they on yours? Full Story

Uranium Is a Deep-Value Sector
By: The Energy Report and Alka Singh | Thursday, May 24 2012
Having just founded her own research company, Mine2Capital, Alka Singh has her sights set on the uranium sector, where she sees deep values in a beaten-down industry. With two major catalysts likely to boost spot prices, M&A activity afoot, new mines coming into production and new companies coming to market, well-positioned investors stand to benefit from what just may be a coming boom. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Singh shares what she sees on the horizon. Full Story

Why Canada’s Deal With China Could Produce A Boom In Uranium Explorers
By: Jeb Handwerger | Friday, May 11 2012
Canadian uranium producers (URA) can now compete with Kazakhstan, Australia and Russia to sell uranium to China. Canada produces about 20% of the world's uranium and exports over 80% of annual production. The fast growing nuclear industry has never been open to China and will create a boom in the Athabasca Basin for uranium explorers. Full Story

Small Uranium Equities Tempt Major Players
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Wednesday, May 9 2012
Investors may still be holding their breath, but larger mining companies aren't waiting around for the price of uranium to go up. No, indeed, they are buying smaller companies on the cheap. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Equity Research Analyst Rob Chang of Versant Partners makes his case for deep value plays. With or without Germany and Japan, life goes on for uranium producers. Full Story

Big Picture, Small Cap Investing
By: The Energy Report and Jim Letourneau | Wednesday, April 4 2012
Examining the macro-economic environment is how Jim Letourneau, publisher of the Big Picture Speculator, likes to begin his stock-picking process. However, his understanding goes beyond headline news to reveal surprising investment themes with profit potential. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Letourneau talks about the hype and commodity investment cycles and where to dig for blue-sky stocks. Full Story

Good Intentions Bad Directions
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Friday, March 23 2012
Many decisions, made with the best of intentions, yet undertaken when emotions are running high might not result in the best direction for individuals or countries. A civil nuclear renaissance, because of energy security, safety and a reduction in our carbon footprint, should be on everyone’s radar screen. Is it on yours? Full Story

Next-Generation Nuclear Power
By: The Energy Report and Thomas Drolet | Friday, March 23 2012
Can the nuclear industry sustain itself with a once-every-ten-years accident frequency? Absolutely not, says Tom Drolet, principal of energy consulting firm Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc. However, with new reactor technology underway, the industry has an opportunity to show the public it can safely generate reliable, affordable low-emissions energy. In this exclusive interview for The Energy Report, Drolet outlines his vision for U.S. energy policy and how next-generation nuclear energy figures into it. Full Story

Uranium Markets Evolve
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Wednesday, March 14 2012
With the "Megatons to Megawatts" program scheduled to end soon, uranium market dynamics are shifting. Geordie Mark, a uranium analyst with Haywood Securities in Vancouver, explores the possibilities in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, emphasizing the industry's strong long-term fundamentals. Full Story

The Nuclear Revival
By: The Energy Report and Mark Lackey | Friday, March 9 2012
Emerging from the shadow of Fukushima, the nuclear sector is on the cusp of a comeback, according to Mark Lackey, chief investment strategist with Toronto-based Pope & Company. Nuclear plants have been reopened, and as many as 200 new plants worldwide are scheduled to come online. At the same time, uranium supply shortages loom on the horizon, making for bullish fundamentals for uranium miners. Lackey's faith in the coal sectors also burns brightly. He talks about both sectors in this exclusive Energy Report interview. Full Story

Post-Fukushima Uranium
By: Admir Adnani, Casey Research | Wednesday, February 29 2012
Demand for electricity has tripled worldwide over the last three decades… so is there still a future for uranium? Full Story

Is the Rise In Uranium Miners Forecasting a Near Term Supply Shortfall?
By: Jeb Handwerger | Monday, February 27 2012
We have constantly advocated investments in uranium mining(URA), particularly in friendly jurisdictions such as North America. This support of the nuclear sector (NLR) has often been in the face of formidable attacks by naysayers, using every weapon in their arsenal to denigrate proponents of atomic energy. No other sector in recent memory has had to withstand such a barrage. Full Story

Bailouts Benefitting Gold, Silver, Uranium And Rare Earth Miners
By: Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, February 21 2012
The Chinese Ideographs for crisis is a two edged sword. One blade is pointed upward to forecast opportunity, the other symbol is pointed downward to signify danger. The short term deflationary crisis in 2011 provided a unique opportunity to buy undervalued miners at historic bargain basement prices. Full Story

Investors Returning To Undervalued Uranium Miners
By: Jeb Handwerger | Monday, February 6 2012
Gold Stock Trades will not regale you with the growing presence of nuclear facilities throughout the world despite the German (EWG) and Japanese (FXY) negative stance. It is well known that reactors (NLR) are going to come online in increasing numbers and that uranium will be in rising demand. In fact, several reactors (PKN) are being built right here in the United States as well as all over the world. Full Story

January Was A Good Month For Uranium and Rare Earth Miners
By: Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, January 31 2012
As we predicted, our uranium (URA) and rare earth (REMX) selections are amongst the leaders during this market rebound. Their underlying fundamentals are strong enough on their own to propel this move. In addition, the shorts may be running for cover here. Lastly, the supply demand equation may be taking hold here. Full Story

Nuclear Power, It’s No Contest
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | Saturday, January 28 2012
The electricity needed for any country to successfully replace fossil fuels, both for transportation and everyday use, will have to come from nuclear generation. As the world’s population and standard of living continues to climb, demand for more - and cleaner energy - grows alongside the pressures we continue to put on our environment. Full Story

Nuclear Energy Markets Tighten
By: The Energy Report and Edward Sterck | Friday, January 20 2012
Demand for uranium is expected to continue growing as China spearheads the conversion of new energy production from coal to nuclear. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, BMO Capital Markets Analyst Edward Sterck brings us up to date on how investors can best play this market. Full Story

Year in Review: Long-Term Uranium Stock Prospects Trend Higher
By: The Energy Report | Thursday, December 22 2011
At the beginning of 2011, analysts everywhere championed a "renaissance" of nuclear power. The Japanese tsunami and subsequent Fukishima nuclear accident in March challenged market sentiment; spot prices and stocks alike suffered setbacks. The Energy Report has been there for the entire wild ride, interviewing industry experts, sharing sector news and scouting out the best companies for any market. Read on for a retrospective of expert commentary on this still-promising sector. Full Story

Uranium Miners: A Once In A Lifetime Contrarian Opportunity
By: Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, December 13 2011
Taking a leaf from Roger’s modus operandi we come across two significant developments involving nuclear energy. Russia and The United States have reached an agreement of safe, compact, economically viable development of the nuclear (NLR) industry globally. Thus two former adversaries are joining in the peaceful growth and development of nuclear power. This serves to vindicate the watchful, waiting policy of Gold Stock Trades in refusing to be panicked by the scare stories of the media. Our ongoing faith in nuclear energy’s future continues to be upheld by history. Full Story

The Uranium Industry Is Alive and Well
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Tuesday, December 13 2011
The Fukushima disaster cast a shadow on the uranium mining industry, but Dundee Capital Markets Vice President and Senior Mining Analyst David A. Talbot sees very strong fundamentals, especially in the absence of substitutes for nuclear generation. Such a premise suggests that uranium use will rise with growing populations and needs. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Talbot lays out the demand picture in detail. Full Story

Swords to Plowshares Program Ends
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Thursday, November 17 2011
The price of commercially mined uranium will no longer be depressed by a steady stream of HEU down-blends into the marketplace - the legacy feedstock kitty is going to come to an end. There is already an imbalance between mined supply and demand - the demand for uranium is higher than the supply. This difference is currently being met from the decommissioning of nuclear warheads but the Megatons to Megawatts Program is ending in 2013. Full Story

Coal and Uranium Generate Heat
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Wednesday, November 16 2011
From fossil fuels to fission, growing global demand for power generation offers investment opportunities. Thermal coal is heating up and the uranium junior mining sector is set for development and a wave of consolidation. Geordie Mark, mining analyst with Haywood Securities in Vancouver, shares his thoughts in this exclusive Energy Report interview. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Powering Up
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Wednesday, November 2 2011
While Germany and Switzerland have made headlines with sudden phase-out plans, world leaders from North America to Africa to Asia have reaffirmed their commitment to nuclear power as a low-carbon, low-cost energy solution. Development plans continue for the industry, and the long-term growth picture shows continued uranium demand. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Rob Chang discusses prospects for both junior and major uranium developers and producers, and which companies could be the next belle of the bidding war ball. Full Story

Can Germany Support The Eurozone Without Nuclear Energy?
By: Jeb Handwerger | Monday, October 24 2011
Germany (EWG) has taken the path away from nuclear following Fukushima by shutting down their reactors and importing natural gas from Russia (RSX) and nuclear energy from France(EWQ). This move away from nuclear is no way to run a modern industrial nation which has heretofore been the strongest economy in the Eurozone area continuously bailing out their debt ridden neighbors. After this move we hear news that the once burgeoning German economy is grinding to a halt due to a “sharp drop in energy production after the government shut down eight nuclear plants after the Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan.” Full Story

Believe in Oil and Uranium
By: The Energy Report and Steve Palmer | Wednesday, October 19 2011
Steve Palmer, chief executive of Toronto investment firm AlphaNorth Asset Management, scans the market for inefficiencies. And it pays off in the long term. While comparable market benchmarks are down as much as 46%, his small-cap fund has returned nearly 200% since its launch in 2007. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Palmer explains why his long-term vision makes him a continued believer in oil and uranium. Full Story

Japan's Tsunami Crisis Creates Uranium Opportunities
By: The Energy Report and Philip Williams | Tuesday, October 11 2011
The uranium market is still shell-shocked from the tsunami in Japan and the resulting anti-nuclear backlash. But Philip Williams, vice president of business development for investment firm Pinetree Capital in Toronto, is urging investors to dust themselves off and start shopping. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Williams discusses strong fundamentals that are still in play and upcoming catalysts could boost suffering uranium equities this year. Full Story

Glowing Prospects for Uranium
By: The Energy Report and Doug Casey | Friday, September 23 2011
The Western world's skittishness, skepticism and staunch opposition when in comes to nuclear energy won't stand in the way of its production elsewhere in the world. It will be full steam ahead in China, India and other developing nations, says Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey, and the Western world is tiny in comparison. In fact, "I'd say uranium is a great place to be for at least the next generation," he tells us in this Energy Report exclusive. With ever-advancing technology enabling economic recovery in places where it previously wasn't possible, he's also optimistic about natural gas and oil. Full Story

Looking Past the Summer Uranium Doldrums
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Friday, September 16 2011
There have been few catalysts driving uranium stocks this summer. But Mickey Fulp, the "Mercenary Geologist," believes that this market funk resembles the period that preceded one of the best junior resource bull markets ever seen. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Fulp tells us why he's "hopefully optimistic" about the coming months. Full Story

Uranium Companies Poised for a Comeback
By: The Energy Report and Edward Sterck | Thursday, September 8 2011
This year has brought uncertainty for the uranium sector. Since the tsunami and subsequent radiation leaks in Japan, developers and investors are questioning the best steps moving forward. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Edward Sterck, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets in London, updates us on the sector's status. Full Story

Uranium and Potash Stocks on the "Frontier"
By: The Energy Report and Carlos Andres | Thursday, August 25 2011
Operating out of Uruguay, Carlos Andres' Frontier Research Report provides a vastly different perspective. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he gives us some insights on global mineral exploration and production in areas that are more "out of the way" than what we usually consider. Full Story

Are Our Sleeping Giants In Uranium And Rare Earths Awakening?
By: Jeb Handwerger | Friday, August 12 2011
As our loyal subscribers are well aware, Gold Stock Trades has long been beating the drums for attention to be paid to the ongoing developments in nuclear (URA) and rare earth stocks (REMX). An important feature of our service is to focus our investment spotlight on what must be considered a vital factor in our modus operandi. Gold Stock Trades may be early in our sectors under review, but as we say in our masthead...we anticipate opportunities. Full Story

Glow at the End of the Tunnel
By: Elizabeth Manning | Wednesday, August 3 2011
Nuclear energy has taken a beating since the Fukushima crisis began in March, but we believe the arguments are strong that it’s not down for the count. There are a couple of factors that the Casey Energy Team considers bullish for the nuclear industry and market. Let’s take a closer look and back them up. Full Story

Catalysts, Not Uranium Prices, Grow Stocks
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Tuesday, August 2 2011
Because of ongoing nuclear power development in China, Africa and the Middle East, uranium prices could bounce back to pre-Fukushima levels of $70/lb. in 2012, says Geordie Mark, a research analyst at Haywood Securities. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Mark says that instead of waiting for prices to rebound, some mining companies are moving ahead with regulatory and construction projects to drive value. Full Story

Uranium and Lithium Demand Powers Stocks
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Thursday, July 21 2011
Mining Analyst David A. Talbot remains bullish on uranium and sees growing demand for lithium. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he tells us why he believes the nuclear plant building boom will continue worldwide despite the recent setback in Japan. Full Story

A Tale Of Two Countries: Two Divergent Nuclear Paths
By: Jeb Handwerger | Wednesday, July 20 2011
Gold Stock Trades has been observing with great interest the divergent paths in nuclear policy (NLR) being taken right now by two major sovereign nations, France (EWQ) under Sarkozy and Germany (EWG) led by Merkel. These neighboring countries share little more than a common border. They are embarking upon two polar opposite philosophies regarding nuclear development. Full Story

Germany Unplugged
By: Richard Mills | Friday, July 8 2011
The IEA believes the future for nuclear power, and a subsequent reduction in carbon emissions, will be show cased in China, India and Russia. Out of the 62 reactors currently under construction, 48 – or 77% of the total – are being built in China, India, South Korea and Russia, another 82 reactors are planned and 210 are proposed for these four markets. Full Story

Race to Feed a Power-Hungry World
By: The Energy Report and Rick Mills | Tuesday, June 28 2011
Uranium and potash prices seem to be inversely correlated lately: As potash prices reach their highest levels, uranium prices have suffered. But Richard (Rick) Mills, host of Ahead of the Herd online and editor of the Ahead of the Herd newsletter, believes the prospects for both industries are bright. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Rick explains why the U.S.' commitment to nuclear power and even biofuels is helping to propel both markets. Full Story

The Future of Thorium as Nuclear Fuel
By: Mickey Fulp, Mercenary Geologist | Monday, June 27 2011
Thorium is one of the five abundant, long-lived, naturally-occurring radioactive elements in the Earth’s crust. The others are potassium, radon, radium, and uranium. There are several other naturally-occurring radioactive elements but they are rare and/or have short half-lifes. Full Story

Best Uranium Stocks to Rebound in 2011
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Wednesday, June 22 2011
While uranium prices fell after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Versant Partners Analyst Rob Chang says in the long term, prices must rise due to a supply shortfall and the economic necessity of using nuclear power. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Chang suggests ways to take advantage of the eventual rebound. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Basing As Fukushima Proves Nuclear Is Here To Stay
By: Jeb Handwerger | Tuesday, June 21 2011
A significant base may be forming in uranium stocks -- seen in the Global X Uranium ETF (URA) -- as Japan’s troubled nuclear energy industry passed its first major vote since the Fukushima tragedy. Many of the stocks that make up this etf are down more than 40% such as Uranium Resources (URRE) and Uranium Energy Corporation (UEC). But positive news is beginning to reemerge after three months of naysaying. Fukushima is proving nuclear is here to stay. Full Story

What Germany’s Political Decision To Exit Nuclear Means For Uranium Mining Stocks?
By: Jeb Handwerger | Sunday, June 19 2011
Deutschland (EWG) is taking the wrong road again. It is a decision that is political and irrational motivated in response to the Green Party. It makes one wonder what some politicians do to try to get elected. Full Story

Clean Energy Smart Investments
By: The Energy Report, Brent Cook and Rick Rule | Thursday, June 16 2011
Are there viable options to nuclear power for clean energy? Is another uranium boom on the horizon? Or should we invest our resource dollars in thorium? If you've been pondering these questions, join The Energy Report in this exclusive interview with a pair of the resource sector's most highly regarded experts, Global Resource Investors founder Rick Rule and Exploration Insights author Brent Cook. The Energy Report caught up with them during Cambridge House's recent World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver. Full Story

The Future of Atomkraft
By: Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Opportunities | Wednesday, June 15 2011
We have said it before and will say it again – the long-term fundamentals for uranium are very strong. Demand growth with outstrip increases in supply in the medium term, as the developing world works frantically to provide its billions of citizens with electricity. The Fukushima disaster, and Germany’s reaction to it, will do little to derail this trajectory. Full Story

The Civil Nuclear Energy Renaissance
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Thursday, May 26 2011
Concerns about climate change, carbon footprints, energy security and the rising cost of fossil fuels spurred a revival of interest in nuclear power generation. In early 2010 we saw the start of a of a global civil nuclear renaissance. It was derailed when the unfortunate Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant accident paused the renaissance for reactor safety inspections. Full Story

No Substitute for Nuclear Power
By: The Energy Report and Alka Singh | Thursday, May 19 2011
Emotional sell offs of uranium stocks in the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster created a buying opportunity, says Alka Singh, a mining analyst at Jennings Capital. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, she runs down the supply/demand problem that could drive prices to $75/lb. Full Story

Big Nuclear Future on Horizon
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Tuesday, May 3 2011
Japan's nuclear catastrophe sent shock waves through the uranium market, but in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Haywood Securities Analyst Geordie Mark explains why the disaster in Japan isn't the end for uranium miners. Full Story

Hathor Exploration Limited to Acquire Terra Ventures Inc.
By: Terra Ventures Inc. | Monday, April 18 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia - Hathor Exploration Limited (TSX: HAT) (“Hathor”) and Terra Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: TAS) (“Terra”) today jointly announce that they have executed a binding letter agreement (the “Agreement”) pursuant to which Hathor will acquire, in an all-share transaction, all of the issued and outstanding shares of Terra by way of a plan of arrangement (the “Arrangement”). Full Story

LANL Researchers Improve Path to Producing Uranium Compounds, Candidates for Advanced Nuclear Fuels
By: Los Alamos National Laboratory | Tuesday, April 12 2011
Advances made by researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory could enhance the ability of scientists to develop advanced nuclear fuels in a safer, simpler manner. Uranium chemistry research relies heavily on a variety of uranium "starting materials"—solids and solutions—that are precursors to uranium compounds of oxygen, nitrogen, halogen, carbon, fluorine, and other elements, all of which are candidates for advanced nuclear fuels. Full Story

The Symptoms of Nuclear Hysteria
By: John Downs, Investment Advisor Representative at Euro Pacific Capital | Monday, April 11 2011
Imagine you invented a machine that revolutionized travel. You know your invention could cut local and long distance travel time substantially and vastly improve the ability for business to deliver freight efficiently. The invention would add trillions to global GDP. If released, your invention would no doubt be universally used and admired. However, based on the initial safety assessments, analysts predict that if used widely your invention would cause the deaths of 300,000 Americans per year and countless more around the globe. Would you still release it? If not, imagine a world without cars. Full Story

Hathor Continues to Grow Roughrider as Far East Discovery is Expanded Upon Completion of 2011 Winter Drill Program
By: Terra Ventures Inc. | Monday, April 11 2011
Terra Ventures is a junior exploration company focused on acquiring and developing quality uranium projects which have world class potential. The Company is dedicated to building shareholder value by acquiring strategic uranium properties in this period of strengthening global demand for uranium supply. The Company's combination of strategic land positions, prospective exploration projects and no risk carried interest projects - combined with technical expertise and management's fundraising ability – are the foundation for growth in the uranium business. Full Story

Hathor Receives Mineral Lease for Roughrider
By: Terra Ventures Inc. | Tuesday, April 5 2011
Terra Ventures is a junior exploration company focused on acquiring and developing quality uranium projects which have world class potential. The Company is dedicated to building shareholder value by acquiring strategic uranium properties in this period of strengthening global demand for uranium supply. The Company's combination of strategic land positions, prospective exploration projects and no risk carried interest projects - combined with technical expertise and management's fundraising ability – are the foundation for growth in the uranium business. Full Story

Long-Term Uranium Demand Will Continue
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Thursday, March 31 2011
The peripatetic Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp explains that even if all under-construction and planned nuclear facilities are suspended, not enough uranium is being mined currently to supply ongoing demand. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Mickey reveals a number of companies poised to benefit from this long-term fundamental upside. Full Story

Silver Linings
By: The Energy Report and Rick Rule | Tuesday, March 29 2011
If the clouds of crisis enveloping Japan, the Middle East and North Africa hold any silver linings, they may be in the form of opportunity for resource investors, particularly in the uranium, oil, natural gas and alternative energy sectors—at least that's how Rick Rule sees it. Full Story

Japan Crisis Is Not the End of Nuclear Power
By: The Energy Report and John Pugsley | Thursday, March 24 2011
John Pugsley has been publishing The Stealth Investor newsletter for the past five years, producing a recommendation record that is enviable by any standard. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, John reveals his current thinking on energy-related investments in light of the global economic situation and the effects of the catastrophe in Japan. Full Story

Why I Remain a Uranium Bull
By: Mickey Fulp, Mercenary Geologist | Tuesday, March 22 2011
I’ve been calling Uranium “The Next Big Thing” for the past several months. True to my contrarian nature, I first went bullish on uranium in January 2009 at market lows. Little did I know that it would take 18 months for the spot price of uranium to start an exponential move up. From July 2010 to early February 2011, the trade increased from $40.75 to $73.00 a pound for a gain of nearly 80%. Full Story

Uranium Future Intact
By: The Energy Report and Alka Singh | Thursday, March 17 2011
Even in the face of problems at Japan's Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear reactor following a massive earthquake and tsunami, Jennings Capital Mining Analyst Alka Singh takes a positive long-term view on uranium prices. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Alka explains why uranium demand will increase globally in the next two years. Full Story

If it bleeds it Leads
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Thursday, March 17 2011
What is happening in Japan is a humanitarian disaster, but not because of what primetime pundits and talking heads would have you believe. “Nuclear Nightmare: A radioactive death cloud from one or more of the Japanese reactors experience core meltdown and catastrophic release of radiation could ...” Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl: The containment structures appear to be working, and the latest reactor designs aren't vulnerable to the coolant problem at issue here. Full Story

Tsunami May Sink the Uranium Sector & US Dollar
By: Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante | Tuesday, March 15 2011
What a few days it has been. It was and continues to be a humanitarian disaster of grand proportions - and one that happened on an island where there is more high end video and cellphone cameras than almost anywhere in the world - bringing us photos and videos that are both shocking and incredible. Full Story

Gold & The Big Mkts: Sideways Action Ending!
By: Stewart Thomson | Tuesday, March 15 2011
The price action now in the uranium market is uranium’s equivalent of the Dow’s 1987 crash. The uranium store just issued a monster 20% off sale on uranium itself, and an even bigger 30 to 50% super sale on the uranium stocks. Full Story

Undiscovered Energy Gems Sparkle
By: The Energy Report and Siddharth Rajeev | Thursday, March 10 2011
As an investment option, uranium glows brightly for Siddharth Rajeev, vice president and head of research at Fundamental Research Corp. He also favors coal and explains why size matters when it comes to potash in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. Full Story

Nuclear Power Growth Is Inevitable
By: The Energy Report and Rob Chang | Wednesday, March 2 2011
Long-term demand growth for uranium is a global story, with China expected to far exceed any other single nation in new nuclear plant construction over the next decade. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Versant Partners Analyst Rob Chang tells us about looking for ideas that investors can play to leverage these growing requirements for uranium fuel. Full Story

Hathor Extends Roughrider Uranium Mineralization Eastward
By: Terra Ventures Inc. | Thursday, February 24 2011
Terra Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: TAS) is pleased to provide an update on the Midwest Northeast Uranium property in which Terra owns a 10% production carried interest. In a press release dated February 24, 2011, Hathor reported: Full Story

Spare Cash? Park It in Uranium
By: The Energy Report and Ed Sterck | Thursday, February 17 2011
BMO Capital Markets Mining Analyst Ed Sterck projects a very moderate $60/lb. uranium price in 2011, but that shouldn't stop you from investing in the uranium space. "This is a sector that is very prone to sentiment and, at the moment, the sentiment is building toward the possibility of a price spike," he says. He also expects to see more M&A activity in the sector, particularly among uranium juniors with reasonably priced projects. Read on for more of Ed's sector insights in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. Full Story

Terra Ventures Inc. Joins OTCQX and Standard & Poor's Initiates Factual Stock Report Coverage
By: Terra Ventures Inc. | Friday, February 11 2011
OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTCM), the financial information and technology services company that provides the world's largest electronic marketplace for broker-dealers to trade unlisted stocks, today announced that Terra Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: TAS; OTCQX: TASFF; FSE: G7K), an exploration company focused on acquiring and developing uranium projects, is now trading on the OTC market’s highest tier, OTCQX®. Full Story

Uranium Bull Market
By: Justin Smyth | Wednesday, February 9 2011
In October 2010 uranium moved back above the 30-week moving average again but this time the volume increased significantly as can be seen on the next chart. Multiple weekly volume bars exceeded the average volume during the breakout. With the 30-week moving average turned up and uranium trading above the 30-week moving average uranium transitioned into a Stage 2 advance. Notice how the former resistance level at 8 held as support recently as well. Full Story

This Time, Uranium Demand Is for Real
By: The Energy Report and David Talbot | Tuesday, January 25 2011
Mining Analyst David Talbot of Toronto, Ontario-based Dundee Securities, sees demand for uranium rising far into the future. He points to the extraordinary buildout of infrastructure in India, Russia and especially China, where the number of reactors currently under construction could triple the number already in use, and where growth could increase 14- to 15-fold a decade from now. Dave shares his extensive knowledge and field experience with The Energy Report and leaves readers with a few interesting ideas on the sector's growth. Full Story

Uranium Report 2011
By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd | Friday, January 21 2011
Global climate change, reducing our carbon footprints, weaning ourselves off fossil fuels and achieving energy independence are all key issues facing us and future generations and the herd is not paying attention to HOW our future power is going to be supplied. But as more and more investors figure out how we are going to produce our future energy, companies in the uranium sector could very well deliver spectacular gains for their shareholders. Uranium should be on every investors radar screen. Full Story

Bet on Uranium for 2011
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | Friday, January 21 2011
The spot price of Uranium as reported by, just hit $68/lb. It is up nearly 70% since June, but remains only half the level of its peak back in 2008. In the early phase of the commodity bull market, Uranium ran from $7/lb to $140/lb. Interest in uranium and the uranium stocks is picking up after a nearly 3-year long bear market. Uranium is an intriguing bet for 2011 and beyond because of the supply/demand situation and because of the value at the current price. Full Story

Bright Future for Uranium?
By: The Energy Report and Mark Lackey | Friday, January 14 2011
Mark Lackey, with Toronto-based financial services company Pope & Co., admits he's in the minority. He believes the Street is too optimistic about production in Saskatchewan and Kazakhstan heading off a uranium shortage. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Mark explains why he believes Cigar Lake won't save the day and why uranium could hit $100 a pound. Full Story

Marin Katusa Values Viable Technologies and Leadership
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Thursday, November 4 2010
Casey Energy Opportunities Senior Editor Marin Katusa shares his perspectives and predictions on the direction in which the energy sector is headed—from popular green alternatives like geothermal, run-of-river hydro and natural gas to the oil sector all the way to the less-popular, but very viable, uranium sector. The Energy Report caught up with Marin at the New Orleans Investment Conference for this exclusive interview. Full Story

Uranium and Mining Stocks Recovering
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Thursday, October 28 2010
Uranium has been radioactive for investors who have stayed away in droves since the metal crashed into a prolonged slide beginning in early 2007. Now that the sector is in a cautious recovery mode from multiyear lows, Haywood Securities Senior Analyst Geordie Mark discusses uranium demand and his outlook for the sector in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. Full Story

Elliott Gue Selectively Plays Uranium and Gas
By: The Energy Report and Elliot Gue | Thursday, October 7 2010
Author and Energy Strategist Editor Elliott Gue looks to larger global energy trends to establish his investment strategies in alternative energy. Two of those trends include nuclear power development in emerging markets and the natural gas infrastructure needed for America's burgeoning shale gas plays. Full Story

Saskatchewan: A Gold Mine for Uranium
By: Marin Katusa | Tuesday, August 17 2010
Mining is a risky business and accidents happen. But when your mine is the world’s largest uranium deposit, fourth largest copper deposit, and fifth largest gold deposit, an accident can cost a little bit more than the average. Something BHP Billiton found out after the shaft accident at its flagship Olympic Dam mine located 560 kilometers north of Adelaide, South Australia. Full Story

Uranium: The New Green Metal
By: Mickey Fulp | Monday, August 9 2010
Uranium is commonly known as “the other yellow metal,” because the uranium oxide concentrate produced by early mines and mills was a bright yellow, coarse powder called “yellowcake.” However, there is now good reason to consider uranium “green.” Nuclear power plants produce electricity with only a minute amount of greenhouse gases. Full Story

Is There A New Bull Market for Uranium Ahead?
By: Justice Litle, Editorial Director, Taipan Publishing Group | Friday, July 30 2010
Uranium soared from $10 a pound in 2000 to a stunning $136 a pound in 2007 - and then the bottom fell out. After three lean years, could another bull market be ahead? Full Story

Mickey Fulp: Solving the Uranium Price Puzzle
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Thursday, July 22 2010
Apparently flouting the law of supply and demand and mystifying experts and analysts alike, depressed uranium prices present some excellent bargain-hunting opportunities for investors, according to Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Mickey shares some thoughts about the uranium space and says he's also keeping an eye on natural gas stocks. Full Story

Geordie Mark: Glowing Reviews for Uranium
By: The Energy Report and Geordie Mark | Tuesday, July 20 2010
You don't hear a lot of talk about uranium these days. It's just not as sexy as gold or silver. But with a host of reactors slated for construction, the sector is rife with opportunities. Haywood Securities Analyst Geordie Mark visits numerous uranium projects each year, researching plays at all levels. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Geordie tells us why he's given "sector outperform" ratings to no less than 11 companies. It could be the most comprehensive global roundup of uranium plays anywhere. Full Story

The Nuclear Option
By: Marin Katusa, Chief Investment Strategist | Wednesday, May 19 2010
The Obama administration is all for going as “green” as possible, but realizes that wind and solar are not going to cut it. Thus, after thirty years in the doghouse, the nuclear option has regained the respectability in America that it enjoys among nations such as China, where ten new plants per year are proposed (our last new construction project broke ground in 1977). Full Story

Mickey Fulp: Bullish on Uranium and Rare Earths
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Friday, April 30 2010
Mercenary Geologist, Mickey Fulp feels that much of the uranium production in the world is under the auspices of regimes or countries that are unstable or unfriendly to the West, leaving supplies vulnerable. He prefers "companies operating in Wyoming, New Mexico and the Athabasca Basin because that's where the majority of uranium has been produced in the past and will be in the future." In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, learn why his eyes are on uranium right now and why the unique niche rare earth market is heating up and still at early stages, providing potential investment upside. Full Story

Gissen and Berol: Uranium Demand Outstrips Supply
By: The Energy Report, Marshall Berol, and Malcolm Gissen | Thursday, April 29 2010
Encompass Fund founders Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol see the demand for uranium continuing to increase in the coming years, meaning an increase in uranium prices. As more nuclear power plants come online around the world, the need for more uranium will increase. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Malcolm and Marshall talk about uranium opportunities, as well as opportunities in other energy sectors. Full Story

Michael Berry: Uranium—Part of the Energy Solution
By: The Energy Report and Michael Berry | Friday, April 16 2010
President Obama has called for the development of more nuclear reactors in the coming decades. Discovery Investing pioneer Dr. Michael Berry says for that plan to work, uranium has to be part of the solution. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Michael talks about the need for more uranium mining in the United States. He also explains why right now an investment in energy metals is a safer bet than investing in industrial metals. Full Story

Going Nuclear: Obama’s Green Machine Is Ready to Go
By: Marin Katusa | Tuesday, April 13 2010
Over the Easter weekend, seven nuclear reactors throughout the United States stopped operations, and natural gas prices skyrocketed by over 20%. And this was when most of the country was enjoying mild weather and businesses were shut for the long weekend. Full Story

Uranium Valuations Can Defy Logic – Octagon Capital
By: UraniumSeek | Wednesday, March 17 2010
A recent research report by Canadian securities firm Octagon Capital has revealed some interesting anomalies in the way uranium companies are valued in the market, on a compliant pounds-in-the-ground basis. Full Story

Rick Rule: Energy Bull
By: The Gold Report | Thursday, March 11 2010
Rick Rule probably could draw an audience if he were talking about the weather, but combine his presence with knowledge, understanding, experience and a track record of success, particularly in the resource arena, and the crowd falls silent. Founder and chairman of Global Resource Investments, Rick recently made himself available for a brain-drain, the foundation of the piece that follows. . . Full Story

Siddharth Rajeev: Don't Count Out Old King Coal Yet
By: The Energy Report and Siddharth Rajeev | Thursday, February 25 2010
Siddharth Rajeev, vice president of research for Fundamental Research Corp., talks about several of the bright spots he sees on the economic horizon in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. Sid anticipates: recovery in 2010, with rising interest rates by the end of the year. . .longer-term growth in demand for uranium, which this year's commodity corrections somehow managed to overlook. . . Full Story

The Real Money to be Made in Copenhagen Conference
By: Andrew Mickey | Friday, December 11 2009
Of course, investing in nuclear power isn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of popular ways to get in on the benefits of nuclear power. But there is one great way. One popular way is uranium mining. For years there has been a supply/demand imbalance for uranium. Will it ever pan out? No one knows. But we do know one thing, mining is risky. There are even more risks when it comes to uranium mining though. Full Story

James Passin: Betting on Beryllium
By: The Energy Report and James Passin | Thursday, November 19 2009
I'm pro uranium in the sense that I believe in its merits economically and politically and we do have some investments in uranium exploration in mining companies. But it is important to acknowledge that the uranium bubble is dead. Full Story

Nuclear Industry Thinktank Warns of Coming Uranium Shortfall
By: UraniumSeek | Monday, September 21 2009
Every two years, the World Nuclear Association (WNA) issues its “state-of-the-union-address” on the uranium industry. The 2009 meeting just ended in London England, and several themes became very apparent: Full Story

Nuclear No-Contest
By: James P. Hogan | Monday, September 21 2009
For reasons that have mainly to do with politics and the media's thirst for sensationalism, nuclear energy has been a subject of much disinformation and alarmism for several decades. In fact, nuclear is safer, cleaner, and potentially cheaper and more abundant than any other proven source of energy that the human race has come up with. But beyond this, its real significance is that it represents the next natural step in the evolutionary progression that has marked the history of energy development. Full Story

Geothermal & Nuclear Energy Stars Spark Gianni Kovacevic's Interest
By: The Energy Report and Gianni Kovacevic | Thursday, September 17 2009
"It's all about the management," says corporate development strategist and consultant Gianni Kovacevic, who has identified a single player in both geothermal and nuclear energy sectors—the "absolute leaders in the space." In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Gianni discusses some of the elements that make their management teams so powerful. Full Story

Marin Katusa: Get—and Stay—Ahead of the Herd
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Thursday, September 10 2009
Back for another enlightening interview with The Energy Report, Marin Katusa, Chief Investment Strategist for Casey Research's Energy Division, shares some timely investing strategies for the ever-changing energy markets. Ultra-bullish on uranium, Marin foresees a great shakeout in the sector. Full Story

Gissen & Berol: Investing for the New "Long Term"
By: The Energy Report with Gissen and Berol | Thursday, August 27 2009
Encompass Fund managers Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol sat down with The Energy Report to share their views on energy investing and what they believe are the strongest subsectors in the mix. While bullish on coal and natural gas, both are strong advocates of uranium, citing a "definite supply-demand imbalance." Discover new opportunities for long-term appreciation in this exclusive interview. Full Story

Where Does History Say Investors Should Look For The Next Uranium Buyout?
By: UraniumSeek | Wednesday, August 19 2009
The long awaited buyout of Forsys Metals (FSY-TSX) and their low grade Valencia uranium by George Forrest Inc. (GFI) just got longer. This $580 million deal has been halted by Industry Canada for some reason, giving investors yet another round of gut wrenching volatility. Full Story

Merrill McHenry: Uranium—Looking at the Big Picture
By: The Energy Report and Merrill McHenry | Thursday, August 13 2009
The exogenous events significantly boosting uranium demand for China and India are far greater than the minimal and distant "ifs" of private sector reactor delays. Not to mention China has actually boosted reactor construction, while India made no delays and entered the world market. "Investors need to look at the big picture of the sector," says analyst Merrill McHenry, MBA, CFA, who presents Energy Report readers with an educational and thought-provoking overview of U308's fundamentals and future in this exclusive written interview. Full Story

Barbara Thomae: Uranium Will Rebound with Economy
By: The Energy Report and Barbara Thomae | Thursday, August 6 2009
The Energy Report checked in with Barbara Thomae, Senior Mining Analyst with the MineralFields Group, who says that they believe the economic recovery will spur re-investment into the uranium sector, especially once uranium prices strengthen in line with other commodities. Full Story

Uranium and Bonds
By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor | Thursday, July 23 2009
Uranium has finally traded past its main down trend line and now it needs to break through this long channel formation. Once it achieves this, it will establish a new up trend line and prices should start to rise. As this is a 3 year chart this development is pretty significant but it will be even more significant when it breaks out of the current channel formation. Full Story

Looming Uranium Shortage is Good News for Explorers
By: UraniumSeek | Friday, June 26 2009
The spot uranium price is once again trending higher, but not fast or far enough to stimulate new supply. It’ll have to do better to help overcome the looming shortfall in physical uranium expected in 2014, says Canada’s largest securities firm, RBC Dominion Securities. Full Story

Mickey Fulp, Mercenary Geologist: The Demand is There
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Thursday, June 18 2009
Well-known and highly regarded throughout the mining and exploration community, Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp returns to discuss the brightening prospects for uranium and natural gas with The Energy Report readers. A Certified Professional Geologist, Mickey says he's comfortable focusing his hard-earned dollars in junior and mid-tier uranium companies working in the U.S. and Canada. Full Story

Casey Colleagues Katusa & Bustin: Alternative Energy Bull Market Coming
By: The Energy Report, Marin Katusa, and Dr. Marc Bustin | Thursday, June 11 2009
Last week, The Energy Report brought you Casey Research Investment Analyst Marin Katusa's outlook for uranium and nuclear energy. In today's edition, Casey Research colleague Dr. Marc Bustin joins Marin to talk about major forces driving prospects for other segments within the energy sector—solar, hydro and geothermal, as well as coal, oil and natural gas. Full Story

Radioactive Opportunity?
By: | Friday, May 29 2009
Uranium One’s woes in Kazakhstan are a sure sign the uranium price will go higher faster than what most people believe. For investors, it could mean a premium will go to deposits and mines in the geopolitically safer countries of the western world. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Speak Loudly: Uranium Is Going Higher – NOW
By: | Monday, April 27 2009
Cameco’s stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange, symbol CCO, broke out on the chart on Friday, cresting through the CAD$24.50 resistance level. Cameco, despite being the industry leader in terms of uranium production, has been the laggard stock in the uranium sector. The intermediate and even junior producers – notably low-grade producers Paladin Energy (PDN-TSX)and Uranium One (UUU-TSX) – have been in a steady uptrend for weeks. Full Story

George Topping: Sovereign Stockpiling Underway
By: The Energy Report and George Topping | Thursday, April 2 2009
With the prospect of 30 million pounds of uranium evaporating from the supply lines four years hence, Blackmont Capital research analyst George Topping sees sovereign stockpiling already beginning to make itself felt on the demand side of the equation. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, George says he sees the price nudging up to $65 by the end of this year, then to $70 in 2010, $80 in 2011 and $100 within five years. Full Story

George Topping Shares Price Outlook for Gold, Copper and Uranium
By: The Gold Report and George Topping | Tuesday, March 31 2009
George Topping, a research analyst specializing in the mining sector at Blackmont Capital, pays closer attention to uranium and copper than he does gold and silver, but in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, he shares what he foresees: gold flat at $950 per ounce (in real terms) through 2011, copper at $1.80 per pound in two years, and uranium nudging up $100 per pound within five years. Full Story

Mickey Fulp: “Expect New Uranium Production out of Wyoming in Next Two Years”
By: The Energy Report and Mickey Fulp | Friday, March 13 2009
Well-known and highly regarded throughout the mining and exploration community, Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp returns to tell The Energy Report readers about his growing Primer for the Lay Investor and share his musings on plays taking shape in uranium (Athabasca, Wyoming and New Mexico) and natural gas (southern U.S. and central Texas). Full Story

Lou Paquette: Uranium — Positive Supply and Demand Fundamentals Unchanged
By: The Energy Report and Lou Paquette | Thursday, February 26 2009
The Energy Report caught up with newsletter writer and commentator Lou Paquette, who launched the website Emerging Growth Stocks in 1995 to provide investors and speculators with a unique alternative to what he saw was a growing problem with corporate governance and conflict of interest on Wall Street. He believes that uranium has the supply and demand fundamentals needed to thrive, and he shares some of his favorite mining companies that are well positioned to ride out these turbulent times. Full Story

Brian Tang: Oil Supply and Uranium Demand
By: The Energy Report and Brian Tang | Friday, February 13 2009
Founder Brian Tang and the Fundamental Research crew are back this week, offering a value-based perspective on natural resource investment. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, FRC provides its macro view on mining, oil and gas and recommends an up-and-comer in the uranium space. Full Story

Oil and Uranium High on Peter Grandich’s Shopping List
By: The Energy Report and Peter Grandich | Friday, February 6 2009
Uranium has seen its worst days in my view. I do believe we’ve seen the bottom and I believe it can tick up. The real factor will be how much the new U.S. administration is truly going to look at alternative energy. It’s one thing to say it during a campaign, but how much will Obama turn to alternative energy? Full Story

Jim Letourneau: Opportunity in Uncharted Waters
By: The Energy Report and Jim Letourneau | Friday, January 30 2009
As a geologist and investor, Jim Letourneau, editor of Big Picture Speculator, has a unique perspective on the energy sector. An admitted optimist, he claims to be "short-term bullish, medium-term terrified and long-term bullish." In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Jim discusses the irregular flow of today's markets, where to drop anchor for some good short-term returns, and why he foresees a more sustainable balance in oil going forward. Full Story

Marin Katusa, Casey Research: The Future of Energy - Diversify Supply
By: The Energy Report and Marin Katusa | Friday, January 23 2009
The first fundamental that everyone’s well aware of is the HEU (U.S.–Russian Highly Enriched Uranium) agreement coming to an end. Now the question is: are the Russians going to renegotiate the HEU agreements on the old terms? Definitely not. We’ve done all our calculations and it’s not economically viable for the Russians to continue the contract as it was. So, if America is able to get the HEU agreement, it’s going to be on some new terms, probably around $60 per pound uranium. Full Story

James Passin: Rising Commodity Prices to Trigger Renaissance for Nuclear and Gold
By: The Gold Report and James Passin | Wednesday, January 14 2009
Commenting on what he views as an inevitable hike in commodity prices—and an equally inevitable shift into inflation—James Passin considers a nuclear renaissance a sure bet too. James is the co-founder and portfolio manager of Firebird Global Master Fund, Ltd. and Firebird Global Master Fund II, Ltd. In that role, he has made considerable investments in uranium, an indispensable element in the nuclear equation. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, James discusses the changing landscape of nuclear technology and shares his love of gold and his thoughts about where its price is headed in the coming years. Full Story

Sheldon Inwentash: Opportunities Abound in Uranium Sector
By: The Energy Report and Sheldon Inwentash | Thursday, January 8 2009
With more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry, Sheldon Inwentash, chairman and CEO of both Mega Uranium and Pinetree Capital, sheds some light for The Energy Report on what he sees as "tremendously positive signs" for the future of uranium. Inwentash says this is one of the best buying opportunities we'll ever see because there are so many companies with qualified assets trading at a discount to cash. Full Story

Brien Lundin: Is Gold Holding a Wild Card?
By: The Gold Report and Brien Lundin | Tuesday, November 4 2008
Uranium is a great long-term story, but when prices reached $110 to $120 a pound, it did get very much ahead of itself. Since then, we’ve come back to earth, and hard. A lot of that drop in price can be attributed to the diminishing outlook for the global economy. But a significant part of the decline has to do with the fact that hedge funds were speculating in uranium on the long side and they have obviously deleveraged. Some of them no longer exist. Full Story

When is the Uranium Price Going Up?
By: Bill Ridley, publisher, Winston’s Growth Stock Report | Monday, October 20 2008
In today’s turbulent market, we as investors need to focus on future investment opportunities which are now selling at huge discounts. In reviewing the uranium market, it seems clear that there is little downside risk to the price of uranium short term. All other economic factors staying equal, I don’t see this changing as the cost of mining is too high to warrant a price decrease below $50. Full Story

Miners’ Face Uncertain Future as Uranium Deleveraging Continues
By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing | Thursday, October 9 2008
A few weeks ago, uranium prices seemed to have a gained some footing. But uranium prices crashed through the floor and it could be another big step down from here. The energy metal could be headed even lower. This fall could be harder and faster all due to deleveraging. Full Story

Cameco Must Go Shopping, Here’s How to Take Advantage
By: Andrew Mickey, Chief Investment Strategist, Q1 Publishing | Tuesday, September 2 2008
The writing is on the wall for the resurgence of uranium mining and exploration. Cameco’s “buried” news story is just the start of what should be an exciting year ahead for uranium investors. The days of overnight triple-digit gains from uranium stocks may be over, but there’s still plenty of opportunity out there for market-beating returns in uranium. Full Story

Uranium Has Bottomed: Two Uranium Bulls to Jump on Now
By: Andrew Mickey, Chief Investment Strategist, Q1 Publishing | Friday, August 22 2008
It’s been a long – very long – wait, but now it looks like it’s time to jump back into uranium. In fact, uranium is looking like it could be one of the best places to have your money over the next year. And there are two trampled down stocks that should perform very well from uranium’s reboom. Full Story

Uranium Update
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne/Trendsman | Wednesday, April 16 2008
Two months ago I penned an editorial calling bottom on the uranium stocks. Technically I saw many stocks deeply oversold yet positive momentum was starting to build. A few months later and the positive momentum divergences have continued to build. A few U stocks did indeed bottom but more have made slight new lows. While we need price to confirm a bottom it is important to note that forming significant bottoms can be a timely process. Full Story

Uranium: Not Over Yet
By: Jennifer Barry, | Monday, April 14 2008
When it bottomed at $7 per pound in 2001, uranium was one of the most derided commodities on earth. The most common associations with uranium were Chernobyl and bombs. Environmental protesters were calling for the shuttering of nuclear reactors, and plants continued to be mothballed. Full Story

Uranium Stocks Bottom
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne/Trendsman | Wednesday, February 20 2008
Only a few stocks were able to avoid more than a 50% decline. However, over the past few weeks selling pressure has finally abated and given way to classic bottoming patterns in many of the uranium stocks. Last week’s action was especially encouraging as many stocks rebounded on rising volume from successfully tested bottom points. Full Story

Melt-down Time For Uranium Stocks?
By: James West | Wednesday, February 13 2008
The market has been unkind to junior resource stocks for the last several months, but it has reserved special treatment for uranium juniors, whose management are sounding increasingly depressed and suicidal. The reason is plain to see – the price of uranium is heading south in a hurry, and that has many investors asking, “What exactly is the condition of uranium fundamentals now?” Full Story

Uranium Wars
By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor | Wednesday, November 14 2007
Bottom line is the Uranium bull is one that is going to be driven by the two most powerful forces in the universe and such a development is very rare and provides the astute investor with a window of opportunity that usually presents itself only once in a persons life time. Full Story

A Distant Metal Thunder
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, October 3 2007
Earlier this year, uranium was on a roll, then the price swooned. Uranium mining stocks tumbled even further. What went wrong? Full Story

Uranium Outlook
By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor | Sunday, September 9 2007
Remember that the overall supply of Uranium is not increasing. We cannot meet current demands so what’s going to happen in the future when all these plants start to come online. China is adding one new nuclear plant almost on a monthly basis, Russia has just announced plans to build another 42 plants and they have also announced that they are going to build portable floating nuclear power plants that they plan to sell to almost anyone that can pay for them. Full Story

Uraniumcast Presentation: Pele Mountain Resources [TSX-V: GEM]
By: | Friday, June 29 2007
Uraniumcast Presentation: Pele Mountain Resources [TSX-V: GEM] Full Story

A Most Powerful Bull For Investment Gains
By: Deepcaster | Thursday, June 21 2007
In his February, 2007 Letter, Deepcaster indicated that there is “One Bull Run That Is Not Done.” That “Bull Market ” for Uranium continues today. The question for investors, and the one which Deepcaster addresses here, is how to profitably participate in this Bull Market. But before we examine the “how” to profitably participate question, it is important to examine “why” it appears very likely to continue for the next few years. Full Story

Uranium, Again!
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Thursday, May 31 2007
I know this subject probably gets boring to hear about, but it is still at the top of the charts so it deserves coverage. We are talking about uranium of course. But what about gold? Everyone is panicking over gold and I can tell by the emails I receive that many are wringing their hands in worry and anxiety. Do I know what gold will do tomorrow? Yes, I do. It will do what it wishes to do regardless of projections from optimists or the dooms day club. Full Story

Uranium Prices Rise Fivefold As World Warms To Nuclear Power
By: Rob Mackrill | Wednesday, May 30 2007
Pardon the pun but the price of uranium is going nuclear. It has risen fivefold says the Mail today. In January 2005 it was trading at $20 a pound, this Monday it reached $125 a pound. How so? Well, its all coming together now for the nuclear industry. With climate change and energy security at top of the agenda, the world is warming to nuclear power and adding capacity. Full Story

America's Uranium Solution
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, May 30 2007
Last week, while at the U2007 Global Uranium Symposium, I visited three uranium projects. Two were on the conference agenda, one I was lucky to attend on a smaller, private tour. These tours taught me a lot about a particular type of uranium mining — one that will likely become the future face of uranium mining in the U.S. Full Story

Uranium is the Attention Getter
By: Energy Central | Wednesday, May 30 2007
Newsletter writer Doug Casey is well aware of geological setting issues. He recently made a comment in the Bull and Bear newspaper to the effect that investors now should be starting to focus on those companies that are exploring in areas away from these Basins. And I trust you can see why he would say this. The cost of drilling through the thick layer of sandstone is far from cheap. Any eventual mining or bulk sampling will entail having to sink a shaft which will be prone to a Cigar Lake type of flooding incident. Mr. Casey goes on to argue that investors should now be looking at companies exploring in lower grade areas absent the thick sandstone cover. With rising Uranium prices, the economics of lower grade deposits are starting to really make sense. Full Story

Trends, Trends & More Trends!
By: David Vaughn | Thursday, May 24 2007
Uranium has so far stayed out of the political mainstream so there has not been a coordinated drive to suppress its price. Uranium continues to be influenced by the simple powers of supply and demand. And the demand for uranium is definitely there. Just in the United States alone a new renaissance in nuclear power is dawning. This fact is probably one of the strongest and most powerful of trends as we move deeper into the 21st century. Full Story

A Uranium Buffet in Texas
By: Sean Brodrick, Money and Markets | Wednesday, May 23 2007
Of course, the Uranium Symposium is really about the future. And that's why the entire day was filled with fascinating presentations on my favorite white-hot metal. Heck, after the tour of the Lexington, we ate dinner on the ship and listened to another talk on uranium. Today, I want to tell you what I learned at this buffet of information. Full Story

Uranium investors clear out! Aussies refuse to take the lead
By: Andrew Mickey, BreakAway Investor | Monday, April 30 2007
The results are in. After months of waiting, uranium investors can finally breathe a sigh of relief. On Saturday, Australia’s Labor party held its annual meeting and took a vote that would determine the fate of the country’s burgeoning uranium industry. Full Story

Uranium Review
By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor | Sunday, April 29 2007
It’s slowly starting to make the headlines more often though it’s still not appearing in the front pages. This means that the masses are starting to get the first whiff of this bull and this is when things start to get more volatile. It is also the stage that many contrarians start to get nervous and start thinking about bailing out. Nowadays we have two groups of contrarians. One being the true contrarians and the others are fashion contrarians. Full Story

A Uranium Feeding Frenzy!
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, April 18 2007
You think the fact that uranium prices have more than doubled in the past 12 months is something? Just wait! I hope you have your safety belt on, because this could be the ride of your life. Here's why … Full Story

Uranium Price’s Hidden Driver
By: Andrew Mickey, Editor, BreakAway Investor | Tuesday, April 17 2007
By now, you’ve seen uranium down right soar. But any savvy uranium investor will realize that demand hasn’t really increased at all. Despite estimates for the construction of as many as 200 new nuclear reactors to be built over the next 20 years, there have been no new reactors actually come on line. Full Story

NYMEX Partners with Ux Consulting to Offer Uranium Futures Contracts
By: | Monday, April 16 2007
The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., a subsidiary of NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:NMX), the world’s largest physical commodity exchange, today signed a 10-year agreement with the Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC), the global uranium pricing index and information leader, to introduce on and off-exchange traded uranium futures products on the CME Globex® and NYMEX ClearPort® electronic platforms on May 6 for trade date May 7. Full Story

Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors
By: | Friday, April 13 2007
If you are an accredited investor, there are additional investment opportunities available to you. Full Story

Riches in Enrichment: Profiting From the Coming Nuclear Energy Crunch
By: Andrew Mickey, Editor, BreakAway Investor | Friday, April 13 2007
President Bush's statement "America is addicted to oil" sent shockwaves through the oil industry. But there's an even greater addiction afflicting not just the United States, but France, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The United States consumes 25% of the world's oil and natural gas -- and 33% of the world's uranium supply. Yet it accounts for only 2% of global uranium production. Full Story

Uranium prices rise 19% in one week!
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, April 11 2007
Boy, I sure hope you're holding some uranium investments … because at the latest auction for the white-hot metal, the spot price of uranium oxide (U3O8) soared $18 to $113 per pound! That's a 19% rise in just one week. According to Nuclear Market Review, it's the largest single weekly price increase since uranium has been tracked! Full Story

Uranium Is Flying High!
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Thursday, April 5 2007
My first graph that I generally display every week is gold but this week I am displaying uranium’s graph. And why? Uranium is now trading at 95 dollars a pound and it still is being ignored by the general masses. Should even pass 100 shortly. Full Story

Could uranium hit $1,000 a pound?
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, April 4 2007
If you knew about an investment that, by conservative estimates, would increase in value 47% in the next 18 months, would you buy it? Well, today I want to tell you about such an investment — uranium. Heck, just a few months ago, I said uranium would hit $100 per pound by the end of this year. It looks ready to hit that target this month! Full Story

Investing In Gold & Uranium!
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Thursday, March 29 2007
Uranium excites me because the world is becoming uncomfortable with coal and oil based power plants. Only nuclear power will provide a cleaner environment for our children. And when you consider that the oil supply is indeed finite what else is there to replace it except nuclear energy. Yes, you must also have some quality uranium stocks in your personal portfolio. Full Story

Uranium getting close to $100 a pound ...
By: Sean Brodrick | Wednesday, March 28 2007
The price of uranium is jumping again! This week, the white-hot metal went from $91 to $95 a pound, according to TradeTech’s Nuclear Market Review. Remember, this metal was trading at just $75 per pound in January … $55 in October … and $45 last July. That’s a ferocious uptrend! Full Story

Investing in Uranium as prices top $90 a pound!
By: Sean Brodrick | Thursday, March 15 2007
Wow! This mortgage meltdown you're seeing in the stock market is exactly what Martin and Mike have been warning you about all along. Boy, am I glad they're on our team! Meanwhile, the uranium market is booming regardless of the stock market. Just last week, an Australian uranium mine got clobbered by a powerful cyclone. And the damage to just that one mine could result in losses exceeding all the new uranium production coming online this year! Full Story

A Radioactive Run-up
By: | Wednesday, March 14 2007
For investors, however, uranium has been hot for a very good reason indeed: prices are up sevenfold over the last five years. Spot uranium hit $85 per pound recently, having doubled in the past year, and you’d be hard pressed to find a market analyst who doesn’t see the price hitting $100 by December. It's quite a reversal of fortunes for a once out-of-fashion metal that was trading in single digits at the turn of the century. Full Story

Dines cheers uranium, self-promotes at conference
By: Stockwatch | Wednesday, February 14 2007
Uranium was a hot topic of discussion on Saturday afternoon as James Dines lectured a capacity crowd about the enormous returns his radioactive metal investments have seen. About 900 people packed the Westin Bayshore's Grand Ballroom to listen to "the original uranium bug," who offered his thoughts on the uranium bull market. This presentation was part of the 2007 World Outlook Financial Conference organized by High Performance Communications Inc. Full Story

New Feature: Forums
By: | Monday, January 29 2007
We are happy to bring to you the newest feature on, the new Forums

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I Have Never Seen Any Market Like This One - James Dines, The Original Uranium Bug
By: Jay Taylor | Wednesday, December 27 2006
Your editor has been walking this earth perhaps a decade or more less than James Dines, but I have been around as an adult watching markets since the late 1960s and I would have to agree with James Dines that there has never been a market like the current uranium market. What is most remarkable is that even when oil and gas markets have run through considerable corrections, uranium prices have just kept on rising. Full Story

Uranium Investors Get One More Safety Net for 2007
By: Jon C. Ogg | Tuesday, December 12 2006
This weekend there were reports that Merrill Lynch had boosted their Uranium forecasts by some 78% for 2008. While this isn't a normal equity upgrade at all, it serves to offer a better potential safety net for long-term investors in the companies that actually mine and process the radioactive material need to run the world's nuclear power plants. Full Story

Coming Price Explosion
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Tuesday, November 28 2006
Well, I personally think you would have to be both asleep and stupid not to recognize both gold and uranium at this time. But would you believe I still get emails where folks are hanging back because they just don’t want to invest in uranium mining companies? And why not? We invest in base metals and resource stocks across the board. I like to concentrate and give special attention to whatever may be hottest at the moment and uranium definitely fills this bill. Your loss though if you choose to ignore uranium. Full Story

By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor | Friday, November 24 2006
The above chart quite clearly illustrates that Uranium is in a long term super bullish phase. It continues to put in new 52 week highs almost on a weekly basis and is now trading at a 20 year high. One would think that uranium has already moved up too much and that there cannot possibly be much more upside left in this bull. Take a look at the chart below and the outlook changes considerably and if one adds in the supply factor the picture gets even more bullish. Full Story

Resource Opportunities Are Exploding!
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Tuesday, November 14 2006
Like I have said repeatedly the world ain’t makin’ more resources. That is part of the reason we are seeing these different price explosions. And the uranium price is heading through the roof and beyond. How much money can you make off uranium today? A particular random uranium exploration company I looked at last night was presently selling for around 2.80 and their 52 week low was a humble .07 cents. Yes, a gain of 40 times. Now that is serious money folks. Full Story

Gold & Uranium Are Moving Forward!
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | Tuesday, November 7 2006
Don’t forget our goal is to follow this market and to keep our eyes on ALL the resources…including the very hot energy play uranium. Should we be observing uranium right now? Our sure loss if we don’t. And while uranium will never be a currency it is becoming today the energy vehicle of choice as the entire world is turning once again to nuclear power for its energy needs. So high energy costs and a debased currency can create tremendous profit opportunities …yes. The issue in these essays is really not just about gold but making money. Full Story

A Turning Tide
By: Justice Litle, Outstanding Investments | Friday, June 16 2006
Similar to the commodity bull market, the uranium story is not brand-new. The price of yellowcake has more than doubled in the past two years, from $10.75 per pound circa early 2003 to around $25 as of this writing. Also similar to the commodity bull, uranium has barely scratched the surface in terms of upside. Outstanding Investments has booked major gains from uranium in the past; with recent weakness in the sector, it's time to take another look. Full Story

It's Only the Beginning for Uranium
By: Dr. Richard S. Appel, Financial Insights | Saturday, June 3 2006
A recent event motivated me to write this piece that, if duplicated, has the potential to help launch uranium to prices that will astound all onlookers. I first became bullish on uranium in mid-2003. At that time it appeared obvious that its supply versus demand equation was fated to seriously drive higher its price. Its annual supply deficit had run 60+ million pounds for several years, oil seemed poised to sharply rise, much of the above ground governmental and private uranium stockpiles were already consumed, and a number of new nuclear reactors were either under construction or were on the drawing boards. Yet, to me, despite these increasingly bullish factors, this new occurrence had the potential to quickly catapult uranium’s price and stun the investing public. Full Story

Radioactive Profits
By: Kevin Kerr, Outstanding Investments | Wednesday, March 1 2006
Bottom line: New supplies of uranium will come at a much higher cost, which in turn, will continue to put upward pressure on the future price of uranium. Full Story