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Resource Opportunities Are Exploding!

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc.

-- Posted Tuesday, November 14 2006 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! |

Did you see the gold price the days after the elections? 


It began to slide very noticeably up.   What did I tell you folks?  Gold would take off like a balloon as soon as the elections were over.  Gold wants to and will climb higher still.


And I told you so! 


The Chinese are moving closer to launching a firmer and real campaign to diversify their US dollar based assets into gold.


“…think tanks in Beijing have recently recommended using some of their reserves to buy other assets such as gold…” click


Wow!  Did you catch those elections?  Really surprised a lot of folks huh?


“Our life comes to us moment by moment.  One moment disappears before the next comes along; and there is room for very little in each.” CS Lewis, 1952


If the elections teach us anything it is that public sentiment is always an unknown until the people come out to vote.  And then the proverbial cats are out of the bag.  To me the elections prove that there is more concern and recognition of a deteriorating economy than we were led to believe.  Total apathy doesn’t exist in the market place.  People are starting to suffer a little and feel the flame.  Those frogs in that pot are getting a little warm, huh?


Of course even with the new party taking hold of the House of Congress our economic ship is still headed for the rocks so not a great deal has changed.  Just a new crew and different deck hands on board.  Whether you survive or perish will not rest in the hands of the crew in office.  Whether you survive personally will be determined on your taking personal control of your finances by getting out of debt and investing in the appropriate vehicles that will rise in value with a sinking economy.


“Thinking is the hardest work there is which is probably why so few people engage in it,” Henry Ford. 


After watching the election returns I think the voting populace is doing some thinking.  And the issue is really not about a particular party because either party will and is going to fail.  The issue is about…  We’ve said this over and over and I am tired of repeating the same ole’ dribble.  But it is still fun to think about how we can profit throughout these corrupt economic times.


One fun subject right now is uranium.  Can you spell “URANIUM?”  If you can you might just make a lot of money and very soon.  Why?


“Uranium prices have recently gone ballistic…” click


Did that get your attention?


“…uranium prices could nearly double from current levels in just a few short years.” Click


"…Right now there are 28 [nuclear] reactors under construction around the world and another 62 being planned. Japan alone intends to add 11 more by the year 2010 and China hopes to add 24 to 30 by 2020." SO IT IS INEVITABLE DEMAND WILL RISE.” "Production from the world's uranium mines now supplies only about 60% of the requirements of the world's nuclear power utilities, leaving a wide gap between production and demand…” click


So, your question to me is how do I make money (lots of money) off of all this?


“So what does that mean to investors? Well, unlike many other commodities, you can't buy uranium futures. However, you can invest in the companies that explore for and produce the uranium.” click


Remember that old Waylon Jennings song?  “Baby That Dog Won’t Hunt!”  Well, friends, let me tell you that this dog will hunt and those investing ASAP in uranium companies are going to make a lot of money.  And it is a resource and that is what we are all about, right?  Discovering which resource commodity is “hot to trot.”


“Some uranium developers who never have a chance of becoming producers are building up large 43-101 compliant uranium resources in order to get the market’s attention – and their market capitalizations indicate that they are succeeding.”   



Like I have said repeatedly the world ain’t makin’ more resources.  That is part of the reason we are seeing these different price explosions.  And the uranium price is heading through the roof and beyond.


How much money can you make off uranium today?  A particular random uranium exploration company I looked at last night was presently selling for around 2.80 and their 52 week low was a humble .07 cents.  Yes, a gain of 40 times.  Now that is serious money folks.


Believe me when I tell you that I have not forgotten about gold but I would be negligent if I did not occasionally talk about the other resource plays out there.  Who do you turn to now for information about uranium?  James Dines is probably the best newsletter writer concerning uranium presently.  You might want to check out his newsletter.  Doug Casey is also one whose newsletter you should buy.  These two fellows are masters in the newsletter genre.  But let’s ask again why this uranium market is so hot right now?


An event has occurred that will affect how much uranium comes down the pipeline in the coming years.  Read below to see what I am talking about.  Now read it carefully as this material could be what changes your life and I well mean that.


Dave Forest - “Time to Back Up the Truck on Uranium Stocks?” “The uranium industry is reeling. On October 23, Cameco, the world’s largest yellowcake [uranium] producer, announced that its Cigar Lake mine had sprung a leak.” “…AT PEAK, IT WAS THOUGHT THAT THE MINE WOULD HAVE PROVIDED 17% OF WORLD URANIUM SUPPLY.” “…the flood will push back start-up for a minimum of one year, assuring that supply will be even tighter than anticipated over the next several years. CONSIDERING THAT THE MARKET HAD LITTLE BREATHING ROOM EVEN WITH CIGAR LAKE’S SUPPLY, THE SITUATION VERGES ON CRISIS.” “At the risk of hyperbole, the loss of Cigar could kick off a spectacular run for uranium stocks.” “A FRENZY REMINISCENT OF TECH STOCKS IN THE LATE 1990S IS BREWING. Investors that haven’t already done so should be taking this chance to position themselves in quality uranium issues.” “…if recent events at Cigar Lake kick the market into overdrive, gains could be of the once-in-a-lifetime variety.”  “As the importance of the crisis at Cigar Lake becomes apparent, these stocks are going to the moon.” click


Did you read the article above carefully as I told you to?  Really?  Don’t be fooling me now.  Go back and read it again.  At least let’s highlight some of the most important elements to the above story.


Dave Forest - “Investors that haven’t already done so should be taking this chance to position themselves in quality uranium issues.” click


And the last thing Dave told us was priceless and beautiful and consisted in merely seven humble little words.


Dave Forest - “…these stocks are going to the moon.” click


I asked for success stories last week so here they are below.


Hello David.

“In at 0.26 cents CDN (Canadian), currently $2.75.   Can you say Ten-Bagger?  Have yet to sell a single share.  Should, but won't for a while yet. Keep it coming,”

Dana D

Halifax, NS


Dana, at least take your capital off the table if nothing else.  It’s called playing it safe.  Remember, its only paper until its finally resting under your mattress.



“You requested stories of success with the investments in gold stocks.” “…portfolio is up over 300%…” “…closer to a million now on an initial 75,000 investment.” “I fully expect…to nearly double or more in the next six months seeing where gold and silver are going to go looking at the charts…”

Karl J. B.


Remember, my job is not just to entertain you but to make you rich.


Hi David..........

“Just wanted to say.....You were right.”  “Anyway...looks like your prediction for year-end will be far more correct…” “Thank you for opening my eyes...




“The trend for gold is still higher…” click



“$700 by years end?? Looks like you'll hit it right on the head. Good job!”


 Eddie G.


Well, I believe giving credit where credit is due.  And I receive so much of my material from reading the freely available commentary from Bill Murphy, Paul van Eeden, Doug Casey, and about 20 or 30 others on a regular recurring basis.  You should be doing the same.



“Hello, I will share my story with you. I purchased 5 precious metal stocks in March 2002 with my own cash thru an on-line brokerage. I converted most of my IRA money to an IRA Brokerage account with Vanguard in 1999. I bought $10,000 of their Precious Metals and Mining Fund. IT IS NOW WORTH ALMOST $100,000 AND CLOSED TO NEW INVESTORS. I was actually called stupid for doing this by one friend of mine.”

“I recently purchased 5 uranium stocks in the May/June 2006 time frame…” “That's my story and I'm sticking to it.”

Dave J.


Now, lets sum up the excellent short term and long term prospects for both gold AND uranium before we close.


“Gold headed for a fifth consecutive weekly gain on speculation China, the 10th-biggest holder of gold reserves, will buy more of the precious metal to diversify its foreign-exchange reserves.” click


And of uranium?


“The fundementals for uranium going forward are better then any business out there.” click


I am reminded of the vendor calling out at the ball game in those old 1940s movies, “Get your hotdogs!” “Get your hotdogs!”  Better be getting gold and uranium mining stocks right now.  Better to be rich than to have a mouth full of dog and bun. Give me a steak (a filet) instead.


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Let me hear from you…seriously.  Hey, where are those Thanksgiving Dinner invitations?   


David Vaughn

Gold Letter, Inc.



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© Copyright 2006, Gold Letter Inc.

-- Posted Tuesday, November 14 2006 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! |

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