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Coming Price Explosion

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc.

-- Posted Tuesday, November 28 2006 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! |

Gold continues to prep itself for further heights.  Look at that chart below the day after Thanksgiving.  You would think gold would want to take a break, but no, it’s ready to climb.



And lest we forget gold’s friend and buddy ole’ uranium lets look at uranium’s chart and see what this bad boy is up too.  Notice uranium is making new highs at 63?



But do you think anyone is paying attention?


“…almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to.”  “…only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.”  Tom Hanks Movie


Well, I personally think you would have to be both asleep and stupid not to recognize both gold and uranium at this time.  But would you believe I still get emails where folks are hanging back because they just don’t want to invest in uranium mining companies?  And why not?  We invest in base metals and resource stocks across the board.  I like to concentrate and give special attention to whatever may be hottest at the moment and uranium definitely fills this bill.  Your loss though if you choose to ignore uranium.


But as high as we have seen gold and as well as we have observed uranium’s price run, “We ain't seen nothing yet!”  I really believe we are going to see both gold and uranium hit the stratosphere in 2007 as political and world problems begin to really pick up speed.  A great time to make a lot of money if you are positioned appropriately ahead of time.


Greg McCoach - “…alarming red flags regarding the dollar are suddenly showing up in the mainstream media. This is a major shift in reporting and a strong signal that changes in the dollar's value against all currencies, including gold are in the works.” “I (Greg McCoach) expect that in the year 2007 we will start to see a major run for the exits away from the dollar. How bad this gets is anybody's guess, but the bottom line is that this will be incredibly bullish for gold and should take the yellow metal to new all-time highs most likely over $1,000 an ounce. How high gold will go will be in direct proportion to how badly the dollar gets hit.” “We have known this day was coming for quite some time, but to see it reflected this way in the above quotes in the main stream media is actually quite frightening.”

 Let’s look at the last portion again of what we just read.

Greg McCoach - “We have known this day was coming for quite some time, but to see it reflected this way in the above quotes in the main stream media is actually quite frightening.”

Now let’s concentrate on just one word in this sentence.


This is real folks and not something I am making up.  Hard and difficult times are coming and the question is, “are you ready?”  In this new world will everyone be broke?  Will everyone suffer financially?  Read the following below.


Do you ever consider where we are in this age of mankind?  Would it surprise you to understand that our world has only fully been out of the defined “Dark Ages” for about 150 years?  Granted this is by my personal definition, but that is the one that counts to me.


“Nothing has served to put him in his place.  He has one – but it is not as high or as inviolate as he thinks.  Circumstances have conspired to inflate his opinion of himself to insufferable heights.  What he wants so far has always been given to him.”  “…he’s grown into the habit of assuming it will be his forever thus.  But it won’t, of course.  One day things will go hideously wrong for him.”  Colleen McCullough, Fortunes Favorites, 1993


Ancient Egypt in 100 BC had just experienced almost a 1,000 years of foreign invasions and foreign rulers.  Yet, western civilization today looks at the prosperous era of 1980 to 2005 as a precedent setting event that is guaranteed to not only last through our generation, but several more generations yet to come. I do not believe we will see this general across the board prosperity continue even through the end of our present generation.


When I observe the money channels on TV they bask gloriously in the “long” term financial golden era we have enjoyed from 1980 on.


Economists, journalists, commentators, politicians, they all by and large worship this era between 1980 and 2005.  This cycle between these years, 1980 – 2005, seems to be idolized and put on the altar for worship more than any other time frame in our financial history.


Does it ever truly occur to you how short our history in this country is?  Less than 150 years ago our country was still engaged in battling the local long term residents, Indians, for mastery of the remaining portion of this continent. 


Europeans have a longer time line of history than our short miniscule time frame.  And dare I bring up the Chinese who have been ruling their lands for millennia or the ancient Middle Eastern realm?  But the US of A was fighting this continents native population for control just a scant 130 years ago.  Now I love my country, but what is that old saying about pride coming before a fall?  I see a tremendous lack of humility in regards to the success of this nation and it shows and sticks out like a sore thumb. 


And maybe these are the reasons I remain so worried about the financial health of the United States about right now.  This country has cast its manufacturers off its shores, displaced its workers with those outside its borders.  This nation continues to teach her children that the most important lesson to be learned in school is how to manage their personal individual portfolio.  And who needs to work or hold a job if he or she has a fat portfolio earning dividends or growing yearly with the DOW.


We are a service economy now…right?  Ever noticed how the word service rhymes with the word servant?  Maybe in 10 years the world will refer to us more as a “servant” economy servicing the needs of every other nation on the earth.  The rest of the world would love that now wouldn’t they?


Personally, I have thought it quite demeaning that in these past 10 years or so that our nation has come to think of itself as a “service” (servant) economy.  Yet it has amazed me that literally not one journalist, with the exception of Lou Dobbs, has noticed the true degradation in this defining term.


And the advent of globalization introduced by our politicians a decade or so ago really put the final nail into the financial coffin of America.  No, I don’t think The US will fall into the sea, but it only stands to reason via common sense that as other nations grow in strength then those on the opposite end of the financial scale will lose significantly.  And those who have suffered the greatest in this country are the “middle” portion of the middle class.  The “upper” tier of the middle class has done well and for those who are paying off debt and placing their finances in hard assets they will ride out well and prosper the coming financial storm.  And that coming storm that is already in full swing around us is of course the deteriorating US Dollar, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc.  But anyway, I am here to offer hope. 


“There are always rich men, even in the poorest counties.  It is the nature of some men to make money.”  Colleen McCullough, Fortune’s Favorites, 1993


And while I cannot alter nor change the direction of history I can suggest a course of policy for the individual to follow.  You do not have to follow the majority of the lemmings in their long march to the sea.  Just devote 30% of your personal portfolio to resource stocks as insurance for what I predict is coming and just over our horizon.  A small price to pay to be safely insulated from a coming storm.


But, anyway, I do not even like to debate it any more because the magic bullets are just all gone.  And what I think is most pretentious today is China’s US mortgage exceeding 1 trillion dollars and their letting the world know more and more today that this is not acceptable.  Every time the Chinese report on their desire to reduce their reserves this should cause every US journalist to sit up on the edge of their seat or hop on a plane to interview live the Chinese functionary making this declaration.  But I understand Katie doesn’t like to travel.  What was that ole story?  While Rome burned Nero played his violin?  Sounds like our generation of journalists today.


Do you really grasp how short the history of our   western civilization is today?  The ancient world observed kingdoms lasting thousands and hundred of years but our humble country was only founded a mere 230 years ago?  Ancient Rome in 100 BC had experienced already about 500 years, yes half a millennia, of life as a republican form of government.  And yet our world today believes the golden era of 1980 to 2005 to have set a long standing precedent of prosperity for generations to come. 


And I suppose the point I am trying to emphasize with great detail is that our world is changing today.  What was once out of fashion is becoming in fashion today.  Are you paying attention?


“Long ago, lobsters were so plentiful that Native Americans used them to fertilize their fields and to bait their hooks for fishing. In colonial times, lobsters were considered "poverty food." They were harvested from tidal pools and served to children, to prisoners, and to indentured servants, who exchanged their passage to America for seven years of service to their sponsors. In Massachusetts, some of the servants finally rebelled. They had it put into their contracts that they would not be forced to eat lobster more than three times a week.  click


I have tried to emphasize over and over just how the middle class is a dying breed. You will agree with me that the middle class is generally the respected mid income earners?  The middle class in my opinion are the school teachers, fire fighters, Ford factory workers, lab technicians, the average Joe or Jane pushing 9 to 5 every day.  These are basically the heart and soul of the infra structure that holds our society together – the meat & potatoes that represents the majority.  But that mid core is evaporating today and the text below best illustrates the reality of this.


“This year, 15 estates in the country club community have sold for $5 million to $16 million. But in the rest of Collier County, home sales have plunged a gut-wrenching 50%.” “Elsewhere across the USA, the megarich are still snapping up homes in such enclaves as Vail, Colo., and Beverly Hills, and often paying cash.” “The divergent housing trends are a sign of how a widening wealth gap is reshaping U.S. neighborhoods.” “…the growing divide between rich and working class are increasingly visible.” click


Basically, the rich are getting richer while the middle class are falling further and further into lower class as their earning power evaporates and the cost of living rises.  And you are depending on your 401 K plan to rectify this solution when you retire some day?  Good luck.  You better start making serious changes to your investment plan today.


Let’s repeat the last part of the text above.


“…a widening wealth gap…” “…the growing divide between rich and working class are increasingly visible.” click


As this century unfolds it ain't going to get easier folks.  You better develop your own outside source of income because your job will probably be in Asia in another 10 years or less.  But mean while those with real money will only get wealthier and wealthier.


Don’t forget to look at my Dad’s book, “Prisoners of The River Araguaia.”  My grandfather was an Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford type of dude and right after World War 2 went on a 2 man expedition into the Amazon Jungle for fun. 


Also, don’t forget to make money and subscribe to Gold Letter, Inc. to receive emailed reviews of under valued gold, resource and uranium mining companies.  Now is definitely the time to be building a position in these markets.


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David Vaughn

Gold Letter, Inc.




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© Copyright 2006, Gold Letter Inc.

-- Posted Tuesday, November 28 2006 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! |

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